Thursday, September 1, 2016


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by Morley Evans

Dear Dr. Hardy,

I heartily endorse your reservations about having one’s genes sequenced. 1). potential problems that never materialize could cause unnecessary worry or unwise action; 2). absence of warnings of potential problems may induce risky behaviour; 3). confidentiality may be breached.

Angelina Jolie underwent a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer because she was told she has the BRCA1 gene. Did she do something that was completely unnecessary? Quite likely.

Wikileaks, the Panama Papers, the DNC database, and Hillary Clinton’s email server are examples that digital records are not safe. Insurance companies and employers may penalize an individual whose genome indicates elevated risk.

After having 69 years of experience with the world’s most corrupt and incompetent medical system, I have grave doubts that these people can predict anything. They don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. I DARE THEM TO SUE ME. They won’t, of course. It costs nothing to ignore me. They cannot even cure the common cold. Here’s a recent example:

Elizabeth (Betty) Petersen is 95 years old. She will be 96 in December if doctors here don’t kill her first. Betty had the same doctor for years. He did not believe in prescribing drugs holus-bolus. Betty was taking a blood pressure pill. After Betty’s doctor retired a year ago, Betty’s new doctor prescribed a bagful of pills when she went to him thinking she had the flu. She wanted to know what all these pills were for. Her new doctor informed her that she had to do what she was told or she would have to find another doctor. Her health started to go downhill.

I won’t go into her story here but I can tell you this: Betty is in the Regina General Hospital now. The other day, Betty told me, a female specialist came to see her. She wanted to know why Betty was taking her “water pill”. (As Betty calls it.) “Because my doctor told me I had to take it,” Betty replied. This doctor told Betty that she absolutely should not be taking it and they were discontinuing that pill immediately. A few hours later three more specialists came to see Betty. They wanted to know why she was taking her “water pill”. They told Betty she has kidney failure.

Oh, kidney failure. I see. Could that be what caused her back pain? Could that have been caused by her “water pill”? Betty had gone to the Pasqua hospital because she had a sudden pain in her back. They took out her appendix and sent her home in a taxi. Back at home, Betty thought she was having a heart attack. They took her to the General Hospital where she is now. After she arrived a doctor told her she hadn’t had a heart attack. He said she had heart failure. He said she needed convalescence to recover from her appendectomy. The next day three specialists told her she was good to go and sent her home. The next day Betty was back in the General Hospital. That is when they told her she has kidney failure. These stories are very confusing. It took me a year to figure out what they had done to me after I had come out of a coma.

I’m off to see Betty now. She was very good on Sunday. She was sleeping when I went on Tuesday. Doctors come and go. They don’t need to wear masks. They are anonymous. They do whatever they want and move on to their next victim. The doctor who prescribed Betty's pills should be sanctioned. He won't be. They never are. "Sexual misconduct" is about the only thing that can get a doctor into trouble. Betty also told me that at the Elmview Nursing Home they said that she was taking twice as much blood pressure medicine as she should be taking.

Am I too harsh? Look at my history: I have survived doctors and what they did to me!

I am doing very well, now, with JuicePLUS+, Vitamin D3, saturated FAT and cholesterol, crucifers and a few other things especially exercise. BioTRUST Pro-X10 seems to have fixed my digestion. I eat red meat, poultry, fish and pork. I avoid sugar and low-fat food.

Love to Sati,
- Morley

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