Thursday, November 17, 2016


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by Morley Evans

The Clintons are gone. We are safe from them, maybe, but are we safe?

Hillary and Bill Clinton, Grifters at Large on election night

In the picture above, Bill and Hill are wearing purple, the colors of George Soros (their owner) and his "purple revolution." Hillary had all the most influential people and their organizations working for her day and night for two years. Democrats thought they had the election in the bag. They expected to have a Democratic President as well as a Democratic-controlled Senate and House which would ensure a Supreme Court filled with judges who would be friendly to the Democratic program. To their horror, fortunes reversed. Whew!

Special Report: Donald Trump’s unlikely victory created the opportunity to finally break with the orthodoxy of Washington’s neocon/liberal-hawk foreign policy, but can Trump find enough fresh thinkers to do the job, asks Robert Parry.

Donald Trump and “The Deep State” - Vote Rigging by Both Sides… Key Appointments

By Peter Koenig
November 16, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - The elections may have been rigged, probably by both sides, as the elusive elite, or what’s also called the "Deep State," may be divided. It looks like the better ‘rigger’ emerged as the winner. The final popular vote count indicates a slight advantage of Hillary over Trump. Never mind, the system was purposefully designed un-democratically in the 18th Century by the Founding Fathers, who never really had the intention to create a truly democratic United States of America of equal rights for all.

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