Thursday, November 10, 2016


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by Morley Evans

During the last two years, I’ve entertained thoughts from people who are lefties. Some things they say are true. 

They are heartbroken today that Hillary Clinton — their little princess— will not be moving into the Oval Office. Boo Hoo. I think Donald Trump may turn out to be the best POTUS we have ever had. I’m waiting for a Special Prosecutor to be named who will look into the affairs of the Clintons and Obama. How can anyone who says something like this support Clinton? 

"The Brexit vote and Trump’s election both call on us to take a long, hard look at the institutions that are failing so many people. [These institutions were all set up and run by Democrats.] When we look, we can see a hunger for change in the face of uncaring elites. We can also see loud voices stoking racism for crass political gain . . .” 

How can anyone think that Hillary Clinton should be supported? Clinton, herself, is a prostitute of the “uncaring élites.”  Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, and the Democratic Party, itself, do not represent the poor, women, the minorities, the blacks, and the downtrodden and never did. Bill Clinton taught Tony Blair how to betray the laboring man while he filled his pockets with boodle. That is the Hallmark of the Clintons and Obama. That is the Hallmark of the left and the Democratic party.

Aren't leaders of the Left the friends of the poor, dispossessed and downtrodden? They claim to be, but are they? More to come.


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