Friday, September 22, 2017


by Morley Evans

I AM REASSURED (SOMEWHAT) that we probably will not all die in a World War. The United States has never launched a war with anyone of equal strength. When great powers have been involved, the United States has always played one against the other. Then, when one side or the other has nearly won a victory, the United States has stepped in, claimed the victory and taken all the loot and all the glory. 

This was certainly the case in both World Wars I and II. The American War of Independence was won for Washington, the man, by France. Before that Washington used Great Britain to defeat France and the Indians! The American Civil War was won by Washington, DC, and not by the North as everyone has been taught. All Americans lost the Civil War, both South and North. Power was centralized in Washington. The constitution the states had ratified was over-written. The United States of America became the garrison state devoted to war that it is now. Today's military-industrial complex was born. President Ulysses S. Grant coined the term "lobbyist" for the industrialists who he watched bribing Congressmen in the lobby of the Willard Hotel in Washington. President Grant was powerless to stop it.

All the other wars were significant mismatches with the big bully usually beating up the little guy. The western American Indians were destroyed by the Seventh Cavalry. The eastern, southern and midwestern Indians had already been crushed. Before the Civil War, the Mexicans lost half their country in the war which the United States had engineered (1846-48). Washington launched its world-wide empire with the Spanish-American War. Vigorous American heroes smacked down the decrepit Spanish Empire. But the bully didn't always win. The mighty U.S.A. hasn't won a war since 1945. Nevertheless, Washington has always declared victory anyway along with proud clarions broadcast about how it had saved the world at great cost to itself. That's what it did after Korea and Vietnam. Hollywood makes movies. TV and print news blankets the world. Academics write books. Deep State actors — war contractors, the military and intelligence community, Wall Street, the banks too big to fail, the bureaucracy, and the Democratic and Republican establishments —  who really run things are engorged.


Everyone always believes them! The losers are always happy to support the next American wars as Japan and Germany have been doing since 1945. American propaganda is splendid! Everyone wants to fight for freedom and duhmockrisy.

The former world hegemon that had been enthroned for centuries, the British Empire, was destroyed by World Wars I and II even though the British thought they had won both. Some still do. Their champion, Winston Churchill, was considered to be a 'drunken bum' by his ally and supposed friend, FDR. An alcoholic Churchill led the British Empire to its grave. Read David Irving. The British were the big losers of the 20th century, completing what began in 1776. Great Britain's end began with the War of 1812 — which had no clear winner — but Great Britain did acquire a treacherous back-stabbing ally when the two decided to kiss and make up. British people still think the U.S.A. is their best friend! "Americans saved us from Hitler and Russia," they sigh gratefully. The Royal Navy decorated Admiral Ernest J. King who hated the British, and most particularly, hated the Royal Navy! 

Level heads rule in Russia and China today. Crazy people rule in Washington. They are led by their blow-hard puppet, known to his enemies as Agent Orange. The neocons who control Washington could ignite the powder keg we live in. The neocons are smoking crack and playing with matches. 

Americans themselves must wake up and throw the bums out. It is up to you, my friends. Where is Jerry Rubin now that we need him?  We need you. We need an American Revolution. Support Information Clearing House and

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