Saturday, September 9, 2017


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by Morley Evans

Charging into machine gun fire on the Western Front.

The Great War (WW I) was called the War to End All Wars. It actually launched a century of wars (1914 - 2014) if you are British or (1917 - 2017) if you are an American. This includes WW II, the bloodiest war ever.

Is peace not possible? 

NORTH KOREA WANTS PEACE. They have signed treaties the US has broken. No one knows that because the Zionist media inverts the truth. Russia and Japan will sign a peace treaty! They can be friends if they are not already! Abe and Putin are talking about North Korea in Vladivostok. China and Russia say there will be no war on the Korean peninsula. The South Korean President wants peace. Koreans everywhere want unification. 

Only Washington likes things as they are. 

PRAY. Prayers are answered. There is hope.

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