Wednesday, March 28, 2018


© MMXVIII V.1.0.1
by Morley Evans


EVERYONE IN THE WEST has been anaesthetized. They believe the lies they are told. They are told Russia is their mortal enemy. It is not true.

Although Russia has been invaded many times Russia does not have a history of invading anyone. The United States has continually been at war with someone since 1776 and before! It has never stopped starting wars. When attacked, Russia has always retreated using its vast expanses to defeat the invaders. When it is attacked this time its enemies will be wiped out. Russians will not fight on Russian ground when attacked this time. Russians don't back down. Don't play chicken with Russians. Read your history. Listen to Vladimir Putin. 

Putin has been trying to make friends since 2000. Washington doesn't want a friend. Washington has vassals and enemies. Washington needs enemies. You Americans and Canadians will not be able to hide behind the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Europe and Great Britain will cease to exist along with the east and west coasts of North America. Texas will be gone. 

WAKE UP before it's too late!

Russia has always had a civil defence plan for its people. Have you seen ours? No? That's because we don't have one. But you can be sure that our leaders have one — for themselves.

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