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Thank you for your reply, Myhailo. 

Millions of Ukrainians did not vote for Viktor Yanukovych. They mostly live in western Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians did vote for Viktor Yanukovych. They mostly live in eastern and southern Ukraine which is mostly ethnic Russians. Maps clearly show who voted for whom and where they live.

It is actually very difficult to separate Ukrainians from Russians from Belorussians and Poles and other Slavic ethnicities. The Nazis had the same problem when they tried to define and identify pure Germans. The closest German Nazis came to finding their ideal Germans were Norwegians. None of the Nazi leaders looked like the Nazi ideal German. The Ukrainian Nazis have the same problem identifying pure Ukrainians as the German Nazis had. Humans interbreed. Looking at the map above it is easy to imagine that the people in the blue area are completely different from the people in the red and yellow and green area. They aren't.

An empire solves this problem. All these different people are united under one sovereign whose job is to rule justly. He may or may not do that well. A war of all against all is created when "everyone has the right of self-determination." That is what we have had since the Great War (1914-1918). Whether you like him or not, you must admit that Stalin saved the Russian Empire by saving the Soviet Union. He did that more than twice.

The rioters in Maidan were being manipulated by the cabal that wanted to take over Ukraine. It was a putsch. The media reported Ukrainian dissatisfaction. Peaceful protests began to be organized by agents of the cabal. Police who arrived on the scene were unarmed at first. Tensions increased. The media stirred the pot.

Agents provocateurs introduced violence. Molotov cocktails were thrown. Snipers on rooftops killed protesters and police. Police defended themselves. They thought they were being attacked by the protesters. The protesters thought they were being attacked by the police. Riots ensued. The media played along. Can you guess who controls the media? Everyone was convinced that Ukrainians were fighting for their freedom from the evil tyrant Viktor Yanukovych. That’s what they could see on TeeVee. That's what the narrators told them.

"Freedom and democracy have finally won," according to the story being told. It took two tries for the cabal to take over. First, the Orange Revolution installed Viktor Yushchenko. (That followed George Soros' "colour revolution" template). When Viktor Yanukovych was elected six years later, he had to be removed because he was too friendly with Russia for Washington's liking. 

What happened conformed to a textbook coup d’état. The CIA has been doing this for decades all over the world. They are good at it. They are doing it now in the U.S.A. where a dystopian future is unfolding. Trump was not able to "drain the swamp." Instead, Trump was turned into another swamp creature by the monsters who infest Washington.

The putschist government in Kiev is about as democratic as the Bolsheviks who organized the putsch in 1917. Look at what they did to the protesters camped at the Odessa Trade Unions House in 2014. This event has been completely rewritten. What really happened? 

The demonstrator's campsite was attacked one night. They sought refuge inside the House where their killers were waiting for them. White phosphorous was sprayed into their faces. They threw up their hands to try to defend themselves. I have seen the photos. Men and women lay here and there. Their heads and hands were burned off. The fiends set the huge wooden entrance door on fire with white phosphorous and escaped out the back. The media reported that the protesters set the House on fire. They lie. Israelis and Americans have and use weaponized white phosphorous. When it lands on a person's skin the fire cannot be stopped. Corpses without hands or heads littered the floor of the Trade Unions House the next morning when the photos were taken. Unfortunately, like the photos of 9/11, those photos have been removed from the web but many remain.

The demonstrators in Odessa supported Solidarity. They wanted a federal Ukraine. Washington wants war. Washington's goal is to break up the Russian Federation and do to Russia what Washington did to Yugoslavia. When the Soviet Union dissolved, Ukraine was a founding member of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Now it is Russia's enemy.

The government of Petro Poroshenko in Kiev has made no effort to investigate or arrest the fiends who did this. Instead the government has rewritten history by saying the protesters set the Trade Unions House on fire and killed themselves by accident. We are to suppose the pregnant woman strangled herself when committing suicide. This tells us without any further evidence required who was responsible for the monstrosity. It was not Putin and the Russians, was it?

The Russians are not your enemies, Myhailo. They are your Slavic brothers, sisters and cousins. Washington is the master of the divide and rule imperial strategy. They learned from the British and other colonial powers. Washington has managed to turn the Middle East into a slaughterhouse by turning brother against brother. No one there is safe. 

Washington wants to break up the Russian Federation and steal all your stuff. What do they want? Everything would not be enough.

It would be a tragedy if you let them get away with it. Don’t be fooled. These Americans are not your friends. They are the gringos everyone south of the Rio Grande knows and fears.


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