Saturday, February 2, 2019


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by Morley Evans

In this essay, Gilbert Doctorow echoes others when he suggests that Vladimir Putin is too moderate. Stalin terrified the West. They knew the U.S.S.R. had defeated Nazi Germany. Khrushchev shouted "We Will Bury You!" as he pounded his shoe on the desk at the United Nations, Brezhnev continued to build the Soviet forces, Alexei Kosygin quietly told a smirking LBJ "If you want war, you'll get war." (The Soviets knew who killed JFK and it wasn't Castro or them.) 

The Soviet leaders did not dissuade the military-industrial complex of the West led by the United States. They reinforced its arguments that more money $$$ was needed to "defend" the West. "Peace is our Profession" really was the motto of the Strategic Air Command that was organised to kill hundreds of millions of red vermin (people Washington didn't like). Citizens of the West were scared by constant anti-war songs on the radio, scary novels and movies like "Dr Strangelove" and "On the Beach". The CIA, the Democratic Party, and the Pentagon managed to put everyone to sleep after they had blamed everything on Nixon. Doctorow is correct. 

The people of the West need to be awakened. Pronto. Time is on Putin's side. The U.S. empire is collapsing. Its days are numbered. Putin may be pursuing the best strategy to bring about world peace: Avoid conflict and wait. When the U.S. dollar is gone, the U.S.A. will be gone. We may not be that lucky. The choice we have is either Washington and annihilation or the World and freedom.

Vladimir Putin to the West: ‘We Will Bury You!’
by Gilbert Doctorow Posted on February 02, 2019

I have given this essay a “fake news” title for a good reason: to direct your attention to the fact that the incumbent President of Russia is too gentle for his and our good. He does not make threats the way his predecessor, the party boss of the Soviet Union did in 1956. He does not bang his shoe on the desk in front of him while speaking to the General Assembly of the United Nations as Nikita Khrushchev also did. Thus, we Europeans and Americans are oblivious to the dangers of a hot war with Russia that we risk by pursuing our present-day foreign policy of driving Russia into a corner. War could not be further from our minds, since, we tell ourselves, no one wants war.

Because of his behavior cited above, because of the launching of the first Sputnik during his time in office and the invasion of Soviet forces in Hungary for purposes of regime change, because of the atmospheric tests of the vastly powerful hydrogen bombs that his country was producing to wage war on us, Khrushchev made a strong impression on the broad public and also on the political classes in the West as a person who was aggressive, impolite and at the head of a dangerous country.


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