Friday, July 11, 2008

More Medical Mishaps

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My sister-in-law, Denise, lost her first baby:

After looking after herself and seeing her doctor faithfully, everything looked fine. They did take measurements and decided the baby might be too big to get through the birth canal. Then Denise went into the hospital to discover her doctor had gone fishing. A doctor she had never met looked after her delivery. She was in labour for hours and hours, but the baby could not get out. Then the doctor performed a caesarian section and delivered the baby. Tragically, the little girl's head was damaged from the hours of bashing that it had suffered. A day later, the baby died. "Just as well," the doctor observed. "She would have been brain damaged anyway." This guy probably was asleep when they discussed compassion at medical school.

My brother was going to sue, but he was talked out of it. (And now we know Canadians can't sue doctors, thanks to the CMPA). The doctor who had gone fishing (or was it golfing?) returned to life as it had been before. The attending physician was not affected either. He eventually moved on to Vancouver where he is practising medicine.

This happened in 1982 when I was living on Millstream Road in West Vancouver. Subsequently, Denise has had four baby boys by caesarian section. They turned out pretty well.

Regina has some good doctors, but it certainly has some bad doctors. I have had some of Regina's worst doctors, myself. I have had decades of clinical experience with them. Regina has some of the stupidest doctors in the world. People just let bad doctors get away with murder here. I would put Regina's health care system at the bottom of the list for quality. It is completely unresponsive to feedback.* The people who run the health care system should be flogged.

Public flogging: It might be time to resurrect the practice.

* Things that are "completely unresponsive to feedback" are usually considered to be dead.

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