Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wrong on Russia?

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Wrong on Russia? Steven F. Cohen of the International Herald Tribune thinks we are.

It is not merely the current candidates for POTUS who are wrong on Russia. In fact, the current incumbents merely appear to be aberrations if one believes we used to be the good guys before these guys.

When was that? Oh sure, there was The Good War. We'll deal with The Great Victory of 1945, in another piece. Suffice it to say now that what we have all been told over and over for sixty years deserves scrutiny.

The current political leaders are not aberrations. Start to peal the onion. Examine George W. Bush and then Dick Cheney and then the rest. Then examine William Jefferson Clinton and then the rest. Go all the way back to George Washington. And it is not merely the Americans.

After you look at the Americans, look at the British. You could look at the record as far back as James VI and I (19 June 1566 – 27 March 1625). But it would be instructive to go back to William I of England (1027 – 9 September 1087). You will see an almost unbroken chain of war and high crimes. You will see a thousand years of aggression.

"Everybody does this," you say? Do they really? Who is really the aggressor, now and in the past? Take a look. Then ask yourself if you want to be part of this. Are you a criminal?

Maybe we are just the most successful criminal empire since the Romans (9th century BCE - 15th century CE). Could be. But we still are not the people we think we are and that could be the problem, if you are wondering why we live in a dangerous world filled with evil.

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