Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Homeland Security

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by Morley Evans

On the same night that the dud car bomb in Times Square was reported, a BP oil rig blew up, caught fire and sank in the Gulf of Mexico. Homeland Security heaved a sigh of relief in New York and congratulated itself for having kept Americans safe from terrorists. Are they doing a great job, or what? Meanwhile a huge oil slick is growing and moving toward the coast of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida where fisheries and shoreline habitats will be irreparably destroyed. Irreparably means forever. With that millions of livelihoods will be destroyed too. So who is the terrorist here? Is it the imaginary "Al Qaeda" and Bin Laden (boogey-monsters that were invented by the C.I.A. to terrorize the boobeoisie) or is it Big Oil? Who is going to pay for this mess? Not Big Oil that's for sure. Oh, yes: The defender of Americans in Washington has yet to restore the damage done by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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