Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Right to Life

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by Morley Evans

The slogan "Right to Life" has been appropriated by people who wish to make abortion illegal once again. Oddly, the same people, such as Mr. Steven Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, support criminal war and are big supporters of the military. Do the victims of their goons have a right to life? Of course they do not. They are defined by their killers as "the enemy" and they deserve to die. Women and children and other non-combatants are defined as "collateral damage". They are people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time when bombs were dropped on them while they slept in their beds. Are those who would force a woman to carry her fetus to term prepared to adopt love and nurture the baby for the next fifteen to twenty years? Of course not. Do people who do not support goon squads have a right to refuse to pay? Not a chance. We are not talking about rights or life. We are talking about power. Those with power do whatever they want to those who are weaker.

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