Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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by Morley Evans

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Morley Evans was tortured for eight years by his doctors who chose to ignore that he was suffering from an "Adverse Drug Reaction" to the Statin Drugs, Zocor and Lipitor, that they had prescribed.

When Evans slipped into a coma they wanted to blame another doctor. Then, they lied about prescribing Zocor and Lipitor.

Fortunately for him, Evans was saved by yet another doctor. Evans has recovered his health thanks to nutritrion and exercise and no thanks at all to so-called "modern medicine" and the monkeys who practice it. Avoid them. Eat wholesome food and drink pure water.

In Canada, the establishment ignores errors and crimes committed by doctors and pharmaceutical companies. BEWARE. They do not care about you either. You had better believe it.


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