Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Don't Like Ike

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by Morley Evans

Lew Rockwell has penned an excellent essay which you can read here:

To that, I add these thoughts:

Calvin Coolidge supposedly said, "The business of the United States is business." He didn't actually say that, but he is supposed to have said it. It is true, nevertheless. The business in which the United States has always been engaged is War and Americans are good at it.

Eisenhower was pursuing a policy that can be assigned to every President before him: all the way back to George Washington and to every President since him up to the current President, Barack Obama. Before there was a United States, the colonists were at war with the French and Indians.

Americans have always excelled at munitions. Americans invented the rifle, perfected the hand gun, invented the airplane, the machine gun, the atom bomb and more. The Civil War left the U.S.A. as a military superpower, in the ranks of the old world empires. American creations were immediately adopted by others. American advisors taught the Empire of Japan how to organize a modern army. Military casualties in the American Civil War were greater than the Crimean War. Both greatly exceeded the Napoleonic Wars.

Lew Rockwell is right about the Cold War. The Soviet Union was a wreck after World War II, tens of millions had been killed, the country was devastated, but an adversary was required to justify the American military industrial complex, which was expanded and named, but not invented, by Eisenhower.

For sixty years, the U.S.S.R. was "the best enemy money could buy" — the Ruskies surpassed even the deadly threat of the Nazis and the Empire of Japan which had replaced the deadly threat of the German Empire which had replaced a long list of deadly enemies that had to be defeated. Now that they are gone, the United States and its allies have to make do with the Muslims (again) so we can continue waging war forever. We are told ad nauseum by the brain trust in Washington that we need the defence they provide.

"Peace Through Strength" is a lie. It is time for Americans to reject this fraud and demand their birthright which has been stolen by warmongers. Did you know that planet earth (that is where you live) is currently militarily occupied by the United States Empire? There are over a thousand military bases. They are everywhere and the U.S. "defense" budget this year will be over a trillion dollars (and all of that money will be "borrowed")?

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