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Psychological Warfare

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by Morley Evans

This is an introduction to Depraved HYPERCHOLESTEROLMANIA an exposé of the Canadian medical system featuring what they did to me.

DEPRAVED Hypercholesterolmania

Morley Evans

Date:  Jan 14, 2011 To whom it may concern,

After I had been on an exercise program for about 10 months, my brother suggested I see his friend who could help me to get healthy: “John has something new called Zocor that you should try. I’m taking it. John is starting a new practice and he needs patients.”

In January 1992, when I was 45 years old, I went to Dr. John N. Alport who diagnosed hypercholesterolemia after a blood test and prescribed Zocor which had recently been introduced in Canada by pharmaceutical giant, Merck. Alport assured me that Zocor had no side effects and that new benefits were being discovered all the time. “Just take it like a vitamin pill and forget about it,” he said with confidence. Alport said I was at risk of having a heart attack if I didn't lower my cholesterol.

From the first day, I reported severe pain which I never associated with Zocor — so I kept taking Zocor. Alport ignored my pain for four years, saying I was getting older, “Everyone has aches and stiffness.” Alport doubled the dose of Zocor from 10 mg to 20 mg and he prescribed Amitriptyline, an antidepressant "to relieve your pain." Otherwise, Alport denied for four years that I had any problems. Then, for the next two years, Alport prescribed more drugs and referred me to a rheumatologist, physiotherapy and a psychologist after Dr. Stuart McMillan diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

Pain immobilized me. I was unable to work. I spent my days dozing off and on in a Lay-Z-Boy. Pain would shoot up with the slightest movement and the most relief I could find was to lie motionless and throb. My feet felt as if they were on fire, my hands were stiff painful swollen claws. I spent every night lying in sheets that were soaking wet with sweat. I took three extremely hot baths a day (110°F) to relieve the pain. Drugs were no help.

The side effects I endured for SIX years include: myalgia, neuralgia, insomnia, dementia, polyneuropathy, rhabdomyolisis, subdural hematoma, coma, and pain, pain, pain, as well as bowel and bladder incontinence, severe grinding joint pain, swollen fingers and throbbing hands, rheumatism, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), general numbness, feet that felt as if they were on fire (polyneuropathy), hair loss, and ringing ears (tinnitus). I could not button my shirt or lift my arms even half-way to shoulder height.

In 1998, I improved after a prolotherapy treatment by Dr. Cenaiko and I stopped taking the medication Alport had prescribed, including Zocor. I slowly improved over seven months. Then Alport’s successor, Dr. Annandale, introduced Lipitor in 2000 and my symptoms returned. Four months later, I was in a coma.

In August 2001, I discovered why I had been sick from a CBS newscast about the recall of Baycol. I heard the word “Statin” for the first time. I spent a year reconstructing what had happened to me: Alport and Merck tortured me for six years. They threw away my life and nearly killed me. Hill Ave. Drugs sold me all the drugs Alport and Annandale had prescribed. In 1993, the pharmacist, Dean Ast, and Alport had devised a scheme to destroy the evidence that I was taking Zocor while Ast continued to sell Zocor to me at full price, off the Provincial drug plan so there would be no record in the Department of Health. Annandale and Pfizer put me into a coma in June 2000.

I would be dead had Dr. Buwembo not saved my life. Every agency that is supposed to protect people in Canada has ignored me. As far as they are concerned, I am dead and gone.

I am now 63 years old. I live with my sister. My income has been next to zero all these years. Happily, I am healthier than I ever was with thanks to exercise and nutrition and no thanks to so-called modern medicine. After eighteen years, I have climbed out of the grave that was dug for me by these bastards. They are going to pay — either in this life or in the next.

ON THIS CD which has over 1800 documents, these selected items themselves convict everyone concerned: Alport, Ast, Annandale, Merck and Pfizer "The world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company."

1). Medical Timeline is a schematic of what happened to me since 1992. It is a picture of the crime scene with links to evidence;
2). My first letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons summarizes the case against Alport et al;
3). My second letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons supports the theory that a scheme to destroy evidence was entered into by Alport and Ast in 1993;
4). Alport’s scribbles cover the first forty-three months he was my doctor. Alport was my doctor for 76 months;
5). The Lipid Clinic indicates that the pharmaceutical companies are actively engaged in deliberately misleading patients;
6). The product monographs clearly indicate the Statin drugs should have been withdrawn when I reported pain ON THE FIRST DAY. The doctors involved never discontinued them;
7). Ask A Patient dot com indicates many people have been harmed by Statins. Sixteen million prescriptions have been written in Canada for Lipitor alone;
8). Rate MDs dot com is a website where Alport’s patients evaluate him.

There is a mountain of evidence to convict the Canadian medical system as a vast criminal empire. Doctors operate like members of a secret society. Pharmaceutical companies sell dangerous nostrums of dubious value and make billions each year doing it. They have zero concern about the people who buy them. They would be interested in learning about problems and correcting them if they were interested in the people who buy their products. They are not interested. Doctors like Alport and Annandale have zero concern for their patients. Governing bodies could not care less about the people who are harmed. I am walking proof of what I say. I plan to live another sixty years to tell anyone who will listen. I’ve already been one moment from death and I have been to Hell twice, thanks to them. I know what I’m talking about.

MISSION STATEMENTS MATTER: Alfred P. Sloan said, "General Motors is not in business to make cars. General Motors is in business to make money." When GM started making bad cars, people eventually started buying good cars, from other manufacturers. Today, after bankruptcy, GM is shaping up. The jury is out.

Echoing Sloan, pharmaceutical companies and doctors are not in business to help sick people. They are in business to make money.

Yet, pharmaceutical companies and doctors are — by law — in business to help sick people. What they are doing is illegal ipso facto.

1. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) was established in 1867 a few months after Confederation. It is a Trade Union for doctors. Its original purpose was to see that doctors got paid. The problem of getting paid was solved when Tommy Douglas hooked up doctors to the public treasury. Doctors operate as if they are members of a secret society. The secret is who comes first: them or you.

2. The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) was established in 1901 by the CMA. It invented what it calls the “medico-legal defence” to avoid the nasty problem of defending doctors from malpractice lawsuits. They have very successfully subverted justice for over a century. CMPA influence has corrupted the Canadian legal and legislative system which already was an old boys' club.

3. The pharmaceutical companies are among the wealthiest corporations in the world. They have zillions of dollars. Doctors work for them whether they know it or not. Big Pharma has undue influence on bodies like the FDA, medical schools, legislatures, bureaucracies as well as lawyers and judges. Big Pharma is the old patent medicine racket on steroids.

So-called Modern Medicine is the Number One expense in Canada. This criminal monstrosity is to Canada what the military-industrial complex is to the United States. Involved are nurses' unions, health bureaucracies,  the colleges of physicians and surgeons, medical schools, medical research, university departments and of course, hospitals.

Yet Canadians generally believe that they have the best medical system in the world. They wouldn't dream of suing a doctor. In fact they can't sue a doctor, but they think they can because they watch American TV and get American news. Canadians believe that pharmaceutical companies have their best interests at heart and that wonderful cures for deadly diseases are constantly being discovered by medical scientists in magnificent research labs. Every night, the TV news and incessant advertisements for pharmaceutical products reinforce this idea in the minds of millions. Canadians know that even Americans come to Canada to buy pharmaceutical drugs. Did you know Canadians cannot buy pharmaceutical products in the United States and bring them into Canada?

The ignorance of Canadians is evidence of the triumph of psychological warfare that has been waged for over a century on us by the would-be Masters of Modern Medicine. Canada's medical organizations and all pharmaceutical companies really do not care about you — at all. They are the least trustworthy people you will ever know. Look at their record. You are happy with your doctor? You're lucky. Wait until something goes wrong. The Big Question is this: How did these half-wits manage to take over the country?

Wake up Canada!

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