Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chinese Professor

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by Morley Evans

These chilling words, "so, now they work for us," should wake up everyone, but they won't, I'm afraid. The novocaine we have been fed by our "leaders" is too strong.

Will their empire be worse (for us) than our empire was for them? Will they have an empire? The Chinese, Japanese, Indians, South Koreans, Russians, Germans and the rest didn't win by having an empire. Our empire defeated them all for hundreds of years. Our military is still "unbeatable". We still control everything: the world's politics, media, culture, technology and money. How could we loose? We are losing — and we will lose everything soon — because others produce high quality stuff and sell it to everyone for lower prices than we do. We buy their stuff ourselves. That is how we got on top in the first place — not by building the best killing machines. We aren't even winning in Afghanistan or Iraq. What is our military prowess worth? Why do they hate us?

They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. — Isaiah 2:4 & Micah 4:3

A few years ago, everyone was worried about the Japanese. They were buying Rockefeller Center and Hawaii. The Japanese bought Pebble Beach Golf Course. More accurately, Americans were selling these things to Japanese people — for ridiculous prices, we might add. The Japanese were setting up car factories and hiring Americans and Canadians, without the unions. Everyone was talking about "Japanese management," unaware that a manager from Ford had reorganized and rescued Mazda and Ford had become Mazda's largest shareholder.

No one has a lock on good management, good products and hard work.

How would we survive under the Japanese overlords everyone wondered? Didn't we smash them in World War II? How did they rise up out of the grave we put them in? They work. They make great stuff and sell it to everyone for low prices. Now we are worried about the Chinese. Why?

We will get up again the same way we got up before. We will make great stuff and sell it for great prices. Steve Jobs at Apple should be our model. Who is this Obama person? Obama and everyone in Washington is a joke, except Rep. Ron Paul and his son, Sen. Rand Paul. Stop listening to the others. They have nothing to offer. Do not support the Pentagon, the CIA or their goons. Do not support war and warmongers.

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