Monday, July 4, 2011

Look On The Bright Side

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by Morley Evans

Look On The Bright Side, they say. Why be a grump?

I agree. I look on the bright side while I look at the dark side. Most of the evil in the world would not be happening if we stayed at home and looked on the bright side while we worked to make a better world. But that is not what we do. Instead, we believe the lies our "leaders" tell us and we support their crimes.

In the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies the news media brought disturbing stories into our living rooms. They told us about people like Medgar Evers, and events like Kent State. They reported from the War in Vietnam on the nightly news. They looked into the scummy things that nice people don't talk about at parties. The Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg were very big news. But things changed. The media was anesthetized so nothing like the Watergate investigation could ever happen again. You were anesthetized.

During those years DARPA created the Internet. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an agency of the Department of Defence (which before some reorganization was called the Department of War prior to 1949). Today the Internet is the only free media left. You are reading this because it is published on the Internet. Someday, they will figure out how to shut it down, or reverse what it says, the same way they shut down the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC and the rest.

If you are reading this Blog, cast your eyes to the left and you will see a daily report by Margaret Griffis about the daily death toll in Iraq. Her report is there most every day, day after day after day.

Monday: 22 Iraqis Killed, 58 Wounded - Margaret Griffis

You do not have a right to ignore this. This is happening because you are ignoring it. This did not happen when Saddam Hussein was the dictator. This started happening when we bombed and invaded Iraq. By-the-way, Saddam was a CIA asset before he became Public Enemy Number One. When Saddam was gone, Bin Laden became Public Enemy Number One. He once was a CIA asset too.

Here is today's bad news, if you are still asleep you are Public Enemy Number One. So wake up! This is happening because you are asleep. Look on the bright side while you look at the dark side. You will make the world a better place.

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