Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Establishment Medicine

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by Morley Evans

Here is a link to my blood pressure report the other day.

You will notice that my blood pressure (104/66) is that of an athletic 20-year-old. How old am I? It has been 64 years since I was born in 1947 and 11 years since my first life ended in an operating room in the Regina General Hospital in 2000. My blood pressure has always surprised doctors, yet a doctor decided to lower my cholesterol with Zocor® in 1992 "to prevent a heart attack." He nearly killed me after denying for years the medical problems that he had created. He still denies it. With blood pressure of 104/66, I am healthy with zero chance of cardiovascular disease or anything else as long as I avoid doctors who are a menace. I keep getting stronger at the gym where I lift weights.

This is what happened to me between 1992 and 2000. I've spent the past eleven years recovering my health and seeking restitution. My health is good. Restitution awaits justice, if any exists in Canada, which is highly doubtful. Authorities could not care less.

No one will pay attention to me because the consequences of doing so are obvious: Heads would roll and fortunes would be erased. I am not alone. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands word-wide — or more, have had the same problems I had with statin drugs. But there is so much to lose that everyone had better ignore us and pretend everything is dandy. "We are saving lives," they proclaim. They are not. No one's life has been saved by statin drugs. Pharmaceutical companies love all that lovely money. Doctors love being at the top of the social food chain where they are treated like gods, by idiots.

This is only one example of what modern pharmaceutical medicine really is. It is a racket. Over one hundred years ago, medicine as we know it today was being created. There were many different approaches: Dr. Kellogg and others in and around Battle Creek, Michigan were curing disease with nutrition. Chiropractic and Osteopathy were established. Oriental medicine was unknown in the West and wouldn't be looked at by sick people looking for relief for another sixty years. Medical doctors — who are hand-maidens of the pharmaceutical companies — claimed a monopoly on "medical science" throughout the Twentieth Century.

They crushed rivals and any doctor who did anything that was not part of "established medicine". Their immediate professional ancestors had denied that germs had anything to do with disease and ignored Pasteur and Dr. Lister. Then, after they finally accepted germ theory, they thought every disease was caused by bacteria. Doctors still know next-to-nothing about venom, parasites, industrial chemicals, allergy, virus and fungi to name a few things they know nothing about. Most doctors, not all, I have known (only two were not from Regina) are arrogant and ignorant. They are stupid.

They know nothing about nutrition, exercise, digestion, assimilation, elimination and the immune system. The existence and role of micronutrients is of no interest to them. Anything not included in their incestuous world is dismissed as quackery, yet they allow quacks and liars into their little club where charlatans are honored.

"Establishment medicine" embraced Sigmund Freud and psychotherapy which is completely unfounded and dangerous. Doctors established and ran the asylums which were horror houses. In the sixties, "establishment medicine" embraced Kinsey whose "research" helped to normalize the bizarre behaviour of perverts that Kinsey used to spike his results. And of course "establishment medicine" embraced fraudster, Ancel Keys, whose "lipid hypothesis" changed the food industry world-wide to make fortunes for some while it improved the health of no one. Doctors have nothing to be proud of. People were better off in the Stone Age when they had exercise, good food, clean air and pure water. Starvation and physical injury were their greatest problems. These have been replaced today by bad food, pollution, ease and pharmaceutical doctors.

Canadian medicine is full of incompetent, corrupt doctors who are protected by the so-called "medico-legal" system while good doctors are punished and destroyed. Doctors learn they had better be quiet if they know what is good for them. People learn the same lesson. "What if I need a doctor and no one will help me," they worry? Looking back over the past sixty-four years, I can say that all of my medical problems were caused by dentists with amalgam fillings and medical doctors with pharmaceutical drugs. Do I really care if I ever see a doctor again? Perhaps not. What about emergency medicine? They are supposed to be good at that, right? My mother had a snapped femur (caused by Fosamax she took for years to strengthen her bones). She died in the Pasqua Hospital where they were too busy to get around to her for three days. "The operation was a success but the patient died." I wonder if starving someone who was already in shock from a traumatic injury had anything to do with the patient dying? When was the last time you went without food for three days? They have no treatment for cancer or cardiovascular disease, despite the billions of dollars that have been spent on "medical research" for a century. Doctors have no cure for most complaints patients present. "Establishment medicine" is good at raising money for itself. It's what they do best.

Here is a link to a legal firm specializing in personal injury actions.
Of course, this is an American firm. They cannot help Canadians who are completely defenseless against the bastards who prey on them. (Americans can sue. But collecting on a judgment is another matter. Pharmaceutical companies have billions of dollars and lawyers who delay things forever. They can out-wait any litigant. Americans eventually give up and settle for small amounts that may be paid if they promise to keep quiet.)

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