Monday, September 26, 2011

United States Debt

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by Morley Evans

Worried? What, me worry?

Politicos shift blame to the people whom politicos say have borrowed too much because they are irresponsible. Why don't these spendthrifts save as they have been told they should since Grade Two, politicos ask? But you can ask, why would anyone save when politicos are debasing the currency to wipe out (read, steal) savings and when savings themselves are earning next to nothing even if politicos were not debasing the currency?

Did you know that half the U.S. Debt is owed to the Federal Reserve? Where did the Fed get all that money to lend to the United States government and other governments? They made it out of thin air. Isn't that amazing? Default on the Debt?  Just repay the Fed with the imaginary money it loaned us and say goodbye to crooked money forever.

The debt crisis would be solved in one fell swoop. If the Debt were gone along with crooked money, all the physical wealth that has been created would still exist along with all the skills that everyone already has. Nothing real would change or be lost. The masters of money and their Empire would lose, of course, not you. They are the masters of imaginary ownership.

Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were talking about dumping the dollar. That is exactly when we learned that the people of Iraq and Libya needed to be liberated from tyranny, by us. We were called upon to embark upon humanitarian rescues. (We are so noble.) In Empire-speak: (our) Slavery is (the money masters') Freedom. "We are fighting for freedom," we think. We aren't. We are fighting to enslave ourselves.

Thinking about dumping the dollar can be risky, but you should start thinking about your own liberty anyway. Why should you and your loved ones be enslaved by these swindlers and starve in a ditch? Up with people! Down with criminals! The idea that people can live without serving others would be gone with the Central Banks whose idea that is.

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