Sunday, September 11, 2011


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by Morley Evans

I strongly suspect that all four airliners were electronically hijacked from the ground, flown out to sea and detonated over the Atlantic. No fuss no muss. Everything everyone saw on TV was a TV show. The networks were played like a fiddle as always. No planes were noticed by NORAD because there were no planes. All the planes millions saw flying into the Towers were digital animations augmented with special effects explosions. Man in the street scenes showing planes crashing into towers were staged, rather obviously. (Why did the camera swing 180° to catch the "impact" at just the right moment? Why was the fireman standing in the middle of the street talking to others? Why was the cameraman there in the first place? Was this all just an amazing coincidence? Do you know there was another "candid" shot taken from sidewalk level in the same location with two people talking and WTC 1 and 2 in the background? The voice saying, "Holy shit!" is the same in both "unrehearsed" videos.) People inside the towers found out what was happening by watching TV! The explosions people saw were set charges. The WTC buildings disintegrated in a few seconds each. What was used was an exotic technology not "jet fuel" or "nano thermite" or dynamite. The Pentagon was not hit by a Big Boeing. It was probably "hit" by a shaped charge set up inside the outer wall of the vacant section that was "under construction." The film from a hotel security camera that would have recorded the event was confiscated by the Secret Service and never seen again. The lawn in front of the hole in the Pentagon was as perfect as a putting green after the "crash". Giant electrical spools in front of the hole were undisturbed. A large truck couldn't drive through the hole because of the unbroken pillar right in the middle. The windows above the hole were unbroken! The Pentagon crime scene was immediately destroyed by order of Donald Rumsfeld to cover up the GREAT BIG LIE. See note below. The WTC crime scene was destroyed before any investigation too. The media immediately trotted out the Arab high jackers story and the A-rabs were tried and convicted by yellow journalism. Some of the supposed high jackers later turned up alive! The entire operation was carried out by the cabal that runs the Empire world-wide from their offices in Washington, DC. It was easy. It was much simpler than Pearl Harbor when the Empire of Japan had to be manipulated so it would attack first. The American public is always primed to explode. Americans are manipulated from cradle to grave, sad to say. Everyone does this, but nobody does it better. A half-dozen people could do the entire operation if they knew which buttons to push to set everything in motion: They do know. The "plane" that crashed in Shanksville, PA, was a bomb dropped from a fighter.

A real good fake plane crash:

The photo below is Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis. It is one of the national cemeteries where some of the millions of Americans who have fought to spread the American Way of Life have been interred. I doubt very much if any other country in history has anything to compare to these cemeteries. "We fought and died for peace," could be their motto. Perhaps most would not agree, but I find them horrifying. One can read, "You cannot understand the United States of America until you understand the Civil War," with 700,000 American military deaths and uncounted non-combatant deaths. Say this instead: You can't understand the United States of America until you look at the 146 nationally important National Cemeteries in the United States. These cemeteries — and not Disneyland — represent the essence of the United States of America.

Fort Snelling National Cemetery

"You can't understand the United States of America until you understand the Civil War." True. The Civil War was fought to keep the South from seceding from Washington's empire. It had nothing to do with negroes. The military bases set up in the South after the Civil War were bases of the Union occupation army that was stationed there to keep the South from rising again. They are still there. Worse yet, Southerners have become America's "most patriotic" citizens, not merely because the military offers the best job a cracker can get. U.S. military bases are never shut down once set up. There are over a thousand all over the world today. Iraq and Afghanistan are being turned into permanent U.S. bases, like Germany, Japan and Britain — U.S. bases are even inside the former Soviet Union! Every 9/11, we should remember the National Cemeteries where Americans who fought to spread the Empire lie buried not the lies that are repeated over and over to manipulate emotions so decent Americans can continue to be used as tools of darkness by their "leaders".

Note: This is all the evidence needed to completely destroy the official 9/11 story. After the explosion, this pillar was still standing in the middle of the hole in the Pentagon. It made the hole too small to admit a large truck if it had somehow managed to jump over the undisturbed giant electrical spools on the lawn in front of the hole. An arrow points to the pillar. The windows above the hole are unbroken. Firefighting foam covers the wall and the windows. The spools have been moved to allow the firetrucks access to the area. There was no fire before the section collapsed. From this one fact — the pillar — the entire 9/11 lie unravels and the true culprits can be convicted. The guilty culprits are the ones who are telling the lies. But they remained and they will continue to remain free to kill even more innocent people. How do they get away with it? Wake up, everyone.

Arrow points to pillar in the middle of the hole.

Does this mean you can't trust anyone in charge? That's what it means. Grow up!

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