Friday, October 21, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi R.I.P.

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by Morley Evans

The "free press," which brainwashes us continuously, brings news about the "liberation" of Libya. The "brutal dictator" Muammar Gaddafi was dragged from a sewer pipe and summarily executed by a mob of hate-filled Libyans. Now they are free. Really? How free are the Iraqis since we liberated them from the "brutal dictator" Saddam Hussein? In point of fact, both Libya and Iraq were among the most progressive and prosperous countries in the Arab world (not to forget Lebanon). Both Saddam and Gaddafi "killed their own people." Yes they did, but remember Abraham Lincoln killed well over 700,000 Americans in the Civil War that was fought to preserve Washington's empire. Honest Abe moved American mass slaughter of his own people into the big league. You can compare it to the Napoleonic Wars a few years before or to the Crimean War. American ingenuity created many new weapons too.

Did Gaddafi do anything good for the people of Libya? We won't find a good word in the "free press" but we do find good words in other places.

We should all pause to consider that the real Evil Empire has been unmasked since "9/11". The "world's only remaining superpower" now kills whomever it wants, whenever it wants, wherever it wants. Mad drunk with power, law is a joke to Washington's boneheads. The fate of the unfortunate people of Iraq and Libya will one day be our fate, if everyone continues to slumber and believe the lies. The New World Order is no more our friend than it was the friend of those Iraqis who welcomed their U.S. "liberators" in 2003. You will be as surprised as they were when your time comes. Too bad for us. Too bad for you.

Saddam and Gaddafi were both insubordinate. They committed the ultimate crime: they criticized Israel. They supported the PLO and Arafat. Gaddafi made friends with Black Africa and imagined he was an Arab Fidel Castro. What could be worse than that? Only the ultimate crime above.

The 2011 "people's revolt" in Libya was organized by the C.I.A. and helped immeasurably by NATO and the United States which contributed $2 billion and led behind the scenes. Canada was proud to help out as Generalissimo Harper smiled his smarmy smile. Canadians, who are even more deluded than Americans, know what they are by their record in the Middle East.

Who runs the New World Order? It is not the menagerie in the U.S. Congress that grovels before Netanyahu, the racist paranoiac who despises them while he grabs your money. He may think he runs it, but the Yahoo is just another inmate in the asylum. The New World Order is not new. It is the Empire. It is an old story that won't be on the "news" which only reports new stories that have been approved for you to see. They tell you what you know. They control what you think, who you love and who you hate. Did you cheer when you watched Gaddafi die?

Here are a few good words for Gaddafi:

Here's how he died:

The uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain are different from Libya, but the game is the same. The Empire is looking at its options to stay in control whether or not the "brutal dictators" are removed. The Empire must always stay in control and look like the champion of truth and justice as it grinds everyone into the dirt, including you.

Gaddafi's capital, Sirte, October 2011

Like Nasser, Gaddafi had dreams of Arab unity. Gaddafi wanted African unity along with an uplifting of the world's 99% who have nothing.


"Fools! Such nonsense will not be tolerated anywhere in the Empire, so let Gaddafi be a lesson to you in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Hugo Chavez, China or anyone else who gets uppity. We own you body and soul along with everything here on this earth and throughout the universe!"

Was Gaddafi good or bad?
Here's The REAL News:

Gaddafi, good or bad — like Castro — was made to serve the interests of the Empire, as will be his successor whoever may rise to that position.


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