Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Canadian "Healthcare"

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by Morley Evans

Dear Jane Doe in Nova Scotia,

The Canadian medical system is a cesspool of corruption. Your case adds weight to that statement. This didn't start with Tommy Douglas or Pierre Trudeau and Monique Bégin. Douglas merely made a pact with the devil and sold an iron-clad arrangement to pay doctors out of the public trough as "free medicare". Trudeau saw a profitable political program and Bégin foisted it with an iron fist onto the entire country for her boss, Pierre the wonderboy. They made Canadian "healthcare" a Canadian religion so we peasants could serve the medical aristocrats. They fraudulently sold it as "socialism". Power did NOT go to the people.

I believe everything you say. But it doesn't matter what you say or what evidence you have. It doesn't matter what I say or what anyone says. The pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical  companies, pharmaceutical doctors, pharmaceutical nurses, pharmacies, pharmaceutical  hospitals, pharmaceutical  medical schools and "regulatory agencies" that are actually run behind the scenes by the pharmaceutical industry have had the country by the balls since Confederation. They have corrupted every Canadian institution from the Supreme Court of Canada to the CBC and the rest of the "free press". The legislatures and the lawyers in Canada are corrupt. They are a joke. Canada is worse than any Third World country because Canadians have no idea how things really are. They smile and proudly salute the flag. They bend over to get screwed. Canadians believe all the lies their leaders tell them. In Guatemala the peasants at least know what's what. Third World ignorant peons are smarter than we are.

We victims have no chance of getting a dime out of this system. THEY COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT US. Don't waste your time or worry your pretty little head. Look after yourself first. Do what you can to get healthy. Avoid everything the pharmaceutical bastards advertise. They have nothing you want or need, especially in Canada. Nutrition with exercise is the ticket to good health. Look for an acupuncturist, naturopath, osteopath, remedial masseur or chiropractor. Consider JuicePLUS+ It helps me. Everyone is helped by good nutrition and exercise. Everyone is harmed by bad nutrition, pharmaceutical nostrums that provide relief by masking disease and inactivity. Do what you can. Every journey of ten thousand miles begins with one step. Take a step. Start walking. You'll get better than you are and you might be surprised how well you get. Don't worry about what you've lost. It's gone. Be thankful you are alive.

You and I and tens of millions of other Canadians have a political problem, not a legal problem. None of us has a medical problem that pharmaceutical medicine can solve. We suffer from chronic diseases caused by adulterated food, man-made chemicals and inactivity. They have NOTHING to offer people with cancer or cardiovascular disease, the number one and number two killers. They still say, "Take two Aspirin and call me in the morning." Yes indeedy. Aspirin can prevent cancer, stroke and heart disease, diabetes, dementia and even pregnancy complications according to them. Many of us have serious medical problems pharmaceutical medicine caused with its stupid ideas, such as the war on cholesterol and mammograms to name but two. You were harmed by malpractice. I certainly was, but Canadian pharmaceutical doctors don't care what harm they cause. They don't have to care.

One orthopedic surgeon in Regina cut off the wrong leg. Nothing happened to the doctor. He is still practicing "medicine" as one of Regina's leading citizens. His victim is getting along with no legs. Not one word of this made it into the "free press". It came from an insider who wished to remain anonymous, of course. There are a million stories in the Naked City. But you will never hear about them. Canadians like to think positively. If they kill you, that's your though luck. Life in Canada is just like a hockey game. Your story is valuable, Jane. You are a human being. You have value!

Whatever anyone does or fails to do, the Canadian "healthcare" system is collapsing because Canada can't afford it and it doesn't work anyway. The people who run it can all go to Hell where they will get what they deserve.  For years, they have been arriving at the eternal inferno with their pockets stuffed with cash, but they are always out of luck. Tell your story, Jane. That's how you will get justice. You don't need those people to get well. They have nothing to offer.

Am I pissed off? You bet. I take a very dim view of people who try to kill me and then get to laugh about it. Like most, I once believed their lies. It took a long time, but I finally learned my lesson. I gave them every chance — I gave them even more than the last twenty years. They are unrepentant. They are not interested, but you can profit from my experience. We aren't trapped. We can either get sucked into the living death offered by pharmaceutical medicine (go to an old folks home and look at the drugged inmates there to see what I mean) or we can choose life. Step through this door and never look back.

Your friend,
- Morley

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