Monday, November 28, 2011

World Finance

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by Morley Evans

Central Banks such as the U.S. Federal Reserve System, the Bank of England and the Deutsche Bundesbank (AKA the banksters) have been running the world's financial affairs for several hundred years (since 1754, actually, when the banksters financed the first world war, called the Seven Years' War). Central Banks are supposedly owned by governments and so are "owned by us" the people. In fact the opposite is true in the same way that the pharmaceutical industry is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration which is a department of the U.S. government. The FDA is actually run by the pharmaceutical industry. In the same way, the banksters control the governments which supposedly are "owned by us" being those who live in every duhmockrisy. The only thing you can be 100% certain of is that you actually own nothing. They own you. If you are lucky, you are a cork bobbing in the ocean. If you are not so lucky, you are tossed among the rocks in a raging river. Some — who think they are socialists helping the 99% — believe government is the answer, but government is part of the problem.

Here is the REAL News Network on the Eurozone:

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We the people need honest money. We need digital gold. We need to get rid of the banksters along with their phony money and bloody wars. The looming global financial disaster could be a disaster only for the banksters, not us. It depends what we choose, more of the same or something better.


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