Monday, November 21, 2011

Depression and Mental Illness

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by Morley Evans

Depression and Mental Illness result from poor nutrition.

Dr. Joseph Goldberger, a young doctor who most likely had read some Spanish history in the New York Library while he was a medical student, cured Pellagra with good wholesome fresh food grown in vegetable gardens. Later, it was decided, likely by the pharmaceutical industry, that Niacin was the "active ingredient" that was responsible and Vitamin B was added to some foods, especially milk.

The Pellagra epidemic rampant in the South ended quietly. Even so, nutrition — not pharmaceutical drugs — cures Pellagra along with the Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Dementia and Death of the disease progression. Deficient food is the cause. Complete food is the cure: a variety of fresh, whole, and raw vegetables and fruit is the ideal regimen for good health and long life. Here is Dr. Andrew Saul, Ph.D. presented by FoodMatters (Australia):

The medical establishment — whose immediate predecessors had dismissed Dr. Lister and Louis Pasteur as quacks — were looking for a Pellagra germ they could destroy with an antibiotic. Despite their pretensions, these people who run medicine are stupid. Amazingly, despite exposing grotesque error, Dr. Goldberger was not destroyed, the usual fate of anyone who exposes any Establishment, medical or otherwise.

Mega-doses of vitamins can be therapeutically useful. The vast array of micro-nutrients in whole foods and whole-food based supplements like JuicePLUS+ are required by everyone every day.

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