Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dr. Andrew Saul

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by Morley Evans

Contrary to popular opinion, hospitals are very dangerous places. If you are a Canadian, you may be thinking that things are better in Canada. I'm sorry to tell you, things are worse in Canada where there is no quality control: the system doesn't record meaningful data and it covers up bad news. As one doctor told me, "You will never get a referral out of here. We don't want to look bad." I was the last patient he saw in Regina. He closed the door and moved to Vancouver. Records are lost, destroyed or changed. The "watchdogs" are on drugs and snoozing peacefully. The "health care" system protects and enriches service-providers — pharmaceutical companies, doctors, administrators, nurses, and even janitors — with very little concern for the customers — patients. Are you sick? Of course you are. You are an income opportunity.

This audio file is 38 minutes long.

Dr. Andrew Saul:

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