Sunday, April 1, 2012

Neturei Karta

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by Morley Evans

Neturei Karta are Haredim. They are Orthodox Jews. They are based in Jerusalem, London and New York City. NK has close relations with other Jewish organizations as well as with Muslims in Palestine, Iran and throughout the world. Members of Neturei Karta served in the cabinet of Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority. NK are indigenous Palestinians. NK reminds us that Jews lived for centuries in peace and safety throughout the Islamic world until Zionists started destroying their world one hundred years ago. NK is ignored by the Western "free press" which refers to them as "Ultra Orthodox," a phrase Neturei Karta and other Orthodox Jews dislike. Orthodox Jewry states that Zionism and the State of Israel are forbidden by the Torah and are antithetical to the religion of the Jews.

NOTE: This video has subtitles with a Persian voice-over covering English and Persian speakers. You might want to watch this with the sound off. It is worth the effort. If you speak Persian, of course, no problem.

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