Thursday, April 12, 2012

What, me worry?

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by Morley Evans

Chlorine in our water? Mercury in our teeth? Fluoride in our water and in our toothpaste too? Antibiotics and hormones in our food? Factory farming? Sugar? Formaldehyde? Lead? Radiation indiscriminately used by doctors? (What doctors do must be safe, right? Doctors are so smart. Doctors went to medical school and everything! Doctors are practically super-human.) Herbicides and pesticides everywhere? Thousands of man-made chemicals that did not exist anywhere in the universe before 1940 everywhere? INFLATION? Alien species destroying native habitats? Mass extinction of animals and plants? Pharmaceutical drugs for everyone? A destruction of social taboos and traditional moral codes? (Who needs them? Pornography rules!) Dropping birth rate? Materialism? The Global Warming HOAX? Genetically engineered food? Crime? WARMONGERING? Pollution? Corruption? ARE WE IN TROUBLE? Are we headed for extinction, by our own environmental engineering? We are so smart!

Questions, questions: Morley, you are so negative. Are you an eco-terrorist? Are you a health food nut? Try to be positive. We are making lots of money. What we are doing works. Just shut up and do your bit, or else.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick says the Swiss have the highest "cholesterol" level in the world, but they have the lowest Cardiovascular Disease after the French. [1] The Swiss do not chlorinate their water. It is illegal to chlorinate Swiss water. They get Swiss water from Alpine streams. [2] Swiss water is as pure as it gets, except possibly in Bhutan. France is not so clear-cut. One would need to look at where they chlorinate French water and see if they have less CVD where they do not chlorinate and more where they do. Low French CVD may have nothing to do with French wine and everything to do with ozone. Here's an interesting story:

When some geniuses in Paris were planning to build a freeway through wine country, the grape growers said, "We have learned how to make wine by trial and error over a thousand years. If a million cars a day drive through here, we don't know what will happen AND NEITHER DO YOU." Plans were dropped, I hope.

Better living with chemistry? We are so smart! We put men on the moon! We can blow up stuff! Boy oh boy, we will rule the world forever! Money, money, money, mmmm, money. We are SO smart!!

[2] As usual, I found this in two seconds on Google:
The Internet, which was invented by DARPA during the Cold War may be the best thing ever invented. PROVING: One never knows whom one will have to thank.

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