Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Choose LIFE

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by Morley Evans

In June 2000, I emerged from a coma after eight years of crippling pain caused by Statin Drugs and the doctors who prescribed them. My recovery was slow, but each day was a little better than the day before. By 2010, I had nearly recovered thanks to exercise and nutrition. I am healthier today than I ever was. At 64, I am better than I was at 46 when I was one year into this very long, expensive and unpleasant journey. Notwithstanding that, I am healthier today than I was at 36, or 26 or 16, or 6, when I suffered with allergies, chronic fatigue, underweight and severe asthma. I am healthy today by every measure! Juice PLUS+ and Vitamin D are essential to my well-being. I feel as if I could live another sixty years and I might! Would you like to hear what I have learned that may help you to reach your own goals and help you to expand your horizons while enriching your life?

Please take a look at Fitness-Health-Happiness.

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