Friday, May 11, 2012

Tower Garden

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by Morley Evans

Tower Garden is a revolutionary new way to grow your own food. Want to go green? Buy local? Eat fresh? Nothing can beat growing your own nutrient dense food right at home. Live in a high rise apartment? No problem at all. Live north of 40? Easy. Don't live where you have a 365-day growing season? You don't have to move to Costa Rica!

Tower Garden is available to homeowners from NSA the company that brings you Juice PLUS+ "The next best thing to fruits and vegetables." Illustrated below is a commercial rooftop Tower Garden in New York City where the owner (pictured) grows his own food for his restaurant. At home, your Tower Garden will be smaller. The one in the foreground shown here with the optional cage could be yours. You will be "Eating Healthy", inexpensively. This is the future! Inquiries?


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