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Doctors and Malpractice

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by Morley Evans

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Guest Article by James B. Yoseph:

Malpractice has become the rule of medicine.

How did this happen? Is it true? If it is, what can we do about it?

I have said “medicine has lost its way.” As I researched and listened to Hannah I began to be aware that if medicine ever had a way it was lost much earlier than I had thought.

Today there is no longer any value in seeking a second opinion. It will be the same opinion as the first. The protocols and treatment modalities are memorized and medicine is worse than cookie cutter it is production line and leaves no room for variation and true science.

Our doctors practice medicine by rote memorization of some one else’s idea of how medicine should be practiced. If it is wrong modality then every doctor practices the same wrong modality. Gradually the wrong modalities have become so numerous as to make malpractice the norm instead of the exception.

Doctors have become no more than trained parrots playing back the words they have been trained to say. Since no one wants to admit being wrong or be different than his or her peers, medicine either cannot change or if it does, change is very slow.

Medicine has deteriorated into arrogant ignorance.

The verities and excitement of science is lost to doctors and has been replaced with a 007 license to kill with impunity. Doctors are serial killers.

Do no harm has been replaced with do not be different than your peers. Do not question your drug rep, do not think for yourself, cover your ass and avoid being sued. And for God’s sake get all the paperwork in compliance with the insurance providers.

The open mindedness of true science has been replaced with the doctrine of double blind studies and insurance requirements, which are generated by people with a profit motive.

Doctors sit in their private dining room off the cafeteria and discuss their portfolios and how to get paid by the insurance carriers not whether what they are practicing might be wrong. No room for dissension in the private cafeteria unless it is about which stock is best for long term or short term investment.

It is a sickening and appalling truth.

Daniel Steinberg, in his own words, stamped out the last vestige of independent thinking being done by doctors.

He wrote that doctors must stop resisting his lipid theory and the new drugs (statins) he was promoting and he would see to it they did. And he did.

Whatever was left of thoughtful medical practice he (one man) eradicated in favor of power, prestige and money. No one knows how much he was paid by the drug companies but what is known is that over $300,000,000 tax payer dollars were used by him to accomplish the feat.

The residual is runaway malpractice. The ignorance of doctors is no excuse.

James B. Yoseph

Co-author “How Statin Drugs REALLY Lower Cholesterol” and Kill You One Cell at a Time

NOTE: Big Pharma pleads guilty. Well, sort of.


Doctors? You mean our most respectable citizens?

When were doctors better, one might ask? Doctor Kildare, Ben Casey and Marcus Welby, M.D., were better, of course, but they were actors playing characters on TV shows. Perhaps doctors were better during the time of Louis Pasteur and Dr. Lister. But no, back then, doctors were slow to embrace the notion that bacteria had anything to do with disease and they fought this idea as they bled the infirm and dying. (Doctors are still doing the same thing.) Now doctors believe bacteria cause every disease — even those caused by virus, mycotoxin, prion, parasite, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, radiation, gene-splicing and venom. Those who mention iatrogenesis and nutrition are scoffed at and ridiculed. Doctors who deviate from orthodoxy (whatever that may be at the time) are destroyed. Doctors have no actual cures for anything, not even the common cold. The first Chin Emperor, Qin Shi Huang (259 BC - 210 BC), was prescribed mercury pills by his doctors who told him mercury would give him immortality. The Chin Emperor's vast underground mausoleum once contained a lake of mercury.  In Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson introduces Dr. Livesey who identifies himself as a doctor and a magistrate — a man of learning and power. Could it be that today's pharmaceutical doctors, who have tried to arrogate unto themselves the exclusive right to use the title, "doctor" — excluding optometrists, veterinarians, dentists, chiropractors, Ph.D.s and others who also use the title — are nothing more than confidence men who have little, if anything, legitimate to offer mankind? What about antibiotics? Their magic bullet, antibiotics, (Which, like vaccination, doctors and pharmaceutical companies did not discover, but which they appropriated as their own.) has been so grotesquely misused and over-used by doctors and agriculture since 1950, it is less and less useful today. Soon it will be gone along with the pharmaceutical industry itself — gone the way of blood-letting. Aspirin® which is now being advertised as a treatment for heart disease and cancer fittingly is the last gasp of a dying paradigm. A new medical paradigm is emerging among doctors who put patients and science ahead of money and self-interest. Not every doctor is a hoaxer.

You may not know that Canadian doctors have been immune from prosecution since 1901. Doctors don't protect patients nearly as well as the Canadian Medical Protective Association protects doctors.

Are you Mad as Hell? I am.

This is what my doctors, Merck, and Pfizer did to me:

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