Sunday, October 7, 2012

Khadr and Black

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by Morley Evans

Canada was never as good as it has always been advertised to be and everyone thinks it is, but Canada is much worse since Steven Harper managed to weasel himself into the Prime Minister's Office. People everywhere can compare the treatment in Canada of Omar Khadr to Conrad Black.

Omar Khadr, after being captured as a child, was imprisoned for years in the infamous GTMO torture centre to force him to make a "confession" to patently ridiculous and indefensible charges. Now after having grown up in GTMO to become a young man, Khadr has been released into the custody of so-called "Canadian justice" after accepting a deal to either "confess" or spend the rest of his life in a U.S. prison somewhere. Omar Khadr is and always was a Canadian citizen. Canada abandoned Khadr, a child, to his tormentors. His treatment should serve as a warning to every Canadian citizen who is not a member of the Canadian élite: you are worthless and there is no justice in Canada where outrages are swept under the carpet. Canada's shameful record has been neatly expunged: one can start with the Indians, one of Canada's three founding races. Look at them.

Conrad Black was imprisoned in a nice place in Florida after having been given a real trial in Chicago where he was charged with lying and stealing his investors' money. In Canada, Black would have never been brought to trial since he is one of the anointed big-wigs. Upon being released, this convicted felon, Black, who relinquished his Canadian citizenship years ago so he could become a member of the British House of Lords, has been welcomed back to Canada where he lives in his mansion in Toronto and appears as a celebrity on the CBC, the Canadian Brainwashing Corporation. Black's career as a bully, con-man, liar and thief, which began when he was a boy, has been documented over the years.

Black is not a Canadian citizen. Black is a big fat liar and a thief convicted of grand larceny in a real trial in a real court. Khadr is a Canadian citizen. His "confession" was made under duress, to put it mildly. Every decent Canadian should be outraged by this travesty. Even some of Canada's élite should be appalled. It exposes Canada for what it is and Canadian institutions for what they are. The people who run Canada tell Canadians to salute the flag, smile proudly and obey them because Canada is good and pure, civilized and law-abiding. That Big Lie is disgusting.

Conrad Black
Omar Khadr


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