Tuesday, October 2, 2012

U.S. Productivity

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Posted by Morley Evans

These figures are disturbing, even for members of the 1% who are doing just fine, thank you. Members of the 99% are concerned as their prospects grow dimmer every day. What will happen when the financial bubble bursts? It will burst. Will the 1% manage to start WW III to save itself? They are trying. Saving them is what war on Iran — which has never done anything to anyone — is about. Israel exists merely as a pretext. It has no real power and it doesn't control the Empire, sorry to tell you that, Bibi.

By the way, that's me at the bottom on the line entitled "Median male compensation." If you are male and aren't a master of the financial sector, you are probably down there with me. Hello. If you are awake and speak out against The System, you will have been lynched to warn others not to do that or you will have been quietly murdered in some dark alley if you have no symbolic importance to anyone. Hello.

If you are a man, you have no rights because men are a threat to the 1% who would own everything and everyone. Males are bulls (of course most males are steers or veal). Our owners don't like us, but some males are necessary for now. Our owners love the contented cows in their dairy herd. Moo.

Welcome to 1984.


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