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Reflections on Islam

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Reflections on Islam by Riazuddin Ahmed

The Quran gives titles to various prophets. For example Abraham (peace be on him) is Khalil-ullah (friend of God), Moses (pbh) is Kalim-ullah (one who spoke with God), Mohammad (pbh) is Rasool-Allah (messanger of God), and Jesus (pbh) is Rooh-Allah (spirit of God), in another place in the Quran he is referred to as "Ayat-ullah (Revelation from God).

So in the Quranic context, Jesus (pbh) is demonstrating the spirit of God through his teaching of love for fellow man, and to forgive those who wrong you just as you expect God to forgive you for your wrongs, Jesus cures the leper, raises Lazarus after death, etc. with the permission of God, according to the Quran.

Then as a "Revelation from God" (Ayat-ullah) Jesus (pbh) lives a life example as God wills for us to live, and his words are God's revelations. Jesus is also "A word from God" - for when Mary (peace be upon her) said how I can be with  a child when no man has touched me, Angel replied when God wills he says "be" and it "is"!! "A word of God".

Muslims also believe that a true God does not need the ancient practice of human sacrifice to gain His pleasure. But human faith and piety as described in the story of Abraham and the attempted sacrifice of his son to please his God (Abraham's (pbh) ancient mind directing him ) that is replaced by a ram!!! Moral of the story: It was the false gods who allowed human to be sacrificed at their altars, true God doesn't need human sacrifice to be pleased.

Quran also teaches that the children don't carry their father's sin. So Adam's sin is not borne by his children. We are not borne in sin, but innocent and upright according to the Quran. It is after we have become mature enough to make right and wrong decisions that we begin to commit sins.

Therefore, Believe in an all merciful God, and by cultivating God consciousnesses ( daily regular prayer to seek guidance for the straight path), service to fellow man, and sincere repentance when aware of sinning that we can win God's pleasure and salvation.

But we are weak and prone to sin, so Muslims believe in the intercession of the Prophet (pbh) on the day of Judgement for all mankind for God's forgiveness. So according to a Hadith (saying of the prophet), all human beings who have an atom's weight of goodness will be forgiven. Amen!! Except those who are mentioned in the Quran as beyond salvation.

Muslims also await the second coming of Jesus, as his mission was incomplete. To establish the kingdom of God through humankind voluntarily submitting their will to the Will of God.

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