Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Accessories to Crimes

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 by Morley Evans

People who help criminals are accessories to the crimes. They are as guilty as the criminals themselves. Doctors, as a group, cover up crimes committed by doctors. Doctors are protected by other doctors, by their doctor organizations and doctor associations, by lawyers, legislators and judges. The prostitutes who work in the media (presstitues) who refuse to report and publish stories about medical errors, medical coverups and medical crimes are also accessories. Doctors expect to be treated like aristocrats who can do whatever they wish to the serfs who toil on their estates. I ask, Who the f*ck do you think you are, doctor boy?

Most medical victims believe their case must be unusual because they know of no others. Medical victims who stay quiet, grin and bear it, and forgive and forget are accessories to the crimes committed against themselves. Crimes committed by doctors are common. This has been going on forever too. Looking the other way, lying and covering up are part of medical culture. People worry they will be denied care if they speak up. I was one of them. But considering that doctors have been responsible for what other doctors fixed over the years, I would have been better off if I had never had "medical care" and so would you. Get healthy.

Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who report problems are destroyed.

Medicine is big business. It is Canada's biggest business. Pharmaceutical companies are doctors' partners in crime. Manufacturing, prescribing and dispensing pharmaceutical drugs is the real drug racket. How dare the Mafia try to horn in! Think about that the next time you make an appointment to see a doctor. Here is a link to a Facebook group of very angry medical victims. Join in, share your story:

Most of these people are women, but men and children are maimed and killed by doctors just as often. I am very angry myself. The latest medical screwup took 20 years out of my life counting the 12 years it took to recover. If I had been attacked by wild animals or the Hell's Angels and survived, I would be a hero. But since I was attacked by doctors and pharmaceutical companies, I am ignored as if I didn't exist or was dead. Of course most victims of doctors are dead. I am very angry. You should be angry too:

Here is the World Health Organization:


jiggaz31 said...

Great post! What you say about doctors committing crimes against humanity is true.

I was a victim of a criminal doctor who purposely removed six of my healthy organs. Like you, I'm angry.

This medical monster is completely protected by the Ohio State Medical Board and 'Tort Reform'.

My health and life were stolen from me via a violent surgery I didn't need or agree to. That's called assault and battery. My attacker is free.

I'm the one who is in prison - a prison of torment. I remain traumatized.

Morley Evans said...

Thank you for speaking up. "Tort Reform" is a joke.

Elizabeth LaBozetta said...

Please consider joining our Facebook discussion group Truth In Medicine at:
We don't censor or sugar-coat.

Middle Child said...

This is so true - I would like to send you (no cost) a copy of a book I wrote called "Without Due Care" because it will sadly add even more fuel to your fire... if you would like a copy go to the website and have a look - my email is this offer is open to any of those who comment in here as I have a few boxes left and would rather see the book go to people who might understand and use it

Sweet Virago said...

I am an American and the crimes go on here, too. To me, attorneys are part and parcel of the problem, and in fact, CAUSED a great deal of why we cannot get justice! They rewrote they laws, with the aid of fellow attorney legislators, and judges making law from the bench for their most profitable clients - hospitals, doctors, dentists and more but ALL in the healthcare system of both nations. I agree "tort reform" ... what a joke!