Friday, December 28, 2012


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by Morley Evans

Lifting heavy weights — combination exercises with low reps — is the best way to build strength. These exercises are the opposite of what everyone does in most gyms. Women run for hours on treadmills and men do isolation exercises with high reps on exercise machines. Here is Valentin Dikul. He is one of the ten strongest men on the planet. Dikul recovered from a broken back when he was 17. After many years of hard work, he rehabilitated himself from a wheelchair to become a Russian circus strongman. Dikul is the same age as me, 65. NOTE: Most people get no exercise. They sit, watching TV, working at a computer or driving a vehicle. They eat bad food and "food"  that is not food like Big Macs, french fries and Cola. They go to doctors for drugs when they get cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Pain and indigestion have been the most common complaints throughout a century of modern living.

Saskatchewan — especially Regina — is like a bucket of crabs. When one of the crabs tries to climb out, the others pull him back into the bucket. I escaped three times, but I always came back, thinking what I had learned would be valued here. The next time I get away, I'll be gone for good. By the Grace of God, I am younger and healthier today than I have ever been. No one here cares of course. It makes no difference to most what I do. They are busy climbing over the others to be top crab in the bucket. Most are not interested in "philosophy". My existence confronts them with who they are and what this place is. Happily, if things continue as they have for the last 12 years, when I'm 75, I'll be 21. Many nice folks here would rather see me in a home "under a doctor's care" swallowing pharmaceutical drugs three times a day like them — or dead in a cemetery. I'd rather be in Fiji with my beautiful wife and our wonderful children. That is my dream. The crabs are welcome to their own dreams. Anyone who would like to know what I have done can visit Fitness-Health-Happiness, or write to me at morleyevans [at] I may be able to help.

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- Morley

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