Monday, March 4, 2013

Organizations Live

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by Morley Evans

Organizations are alive. They have a life of their own. Organizations are treated like persons in law. Organizations are like persons. People who work in organizations are to their organization what cells are to a body. The State is an organization made up of all the people who live within its borders and all the resources as well as everything people have built. Corporations have a life of their own too. It includes the workers, the assets, management and the owners. Organizations like the Roman Catholic Church have a life of their own too. Professions like medical doctors have a life of their own. Police departments and armies are the same. Young men join gangs. Older people join different gangs.

The LAPD pledges "To Protect and Serve." Whom?

People in an organization will fight to keep their organization alive. A Kiwanis club may be moribund and its dwindling membership may be in their nineties, but they will keep the doors open until no one is left. All doctors cover up for other doctors. They look the other way. They lie. They will never denounce another doctor — unless that doctor is seen as a threat to the profession. Prescribing vitamins is sure to bring the axe down on the neck of any doctor who so dares to violate "standard practice." Medical hierarchies and regulatory agencies defend the profession. The interests of doctors always trump the interests of patients. The interests of priests always trump the interests of parishioners. Pedophile priests are defended and protected. The children they molest are ignored and vilified. Doctors who harm patients are protected and exonerated. Patients who are maimed and killed are ignored and buried.

Whistle-blowers are punished.

Yet, organizations exist to serve people, not themselves. That is universally true. It is true even of totalitarian dictatorships. All organizations depend on "public support". What people think matters. When people stop buying what an organization is selling, outgo exceeds income and the organization dies. Ozymandias King of Kings.

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