Thursday, March 21, 2013

The World

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by Morley Evans

We have a "One World Government" already. Its capital is Washington, DC. This is the New World Order, right now. The NWO is a threat to your health and happiness, but it is not a threat in the far off future. 1984 is here! The UN was set up after WW II as an arm of the one world government that was being established after The Great Victory of 1945. The UN Security Council was the United States, Great Britain, France, China and the Soviet Union. They were the five winners of The Great Victory of 1945. The senior partner was the United States of America — the only real winner. But 1945 was the zenith of power for Washington's empire. It has all been down hill since then. US control of the UN has slipped to all the new countries that have been admitted since the UN was founded. Ironically most of them were British colonies that had become independent. The Soviet Union was immediately turned into "the best enemy that money could buy," to quote Anthony Sutton. Nationalist China became the People's Republic after the Nationalists lost the Chinese Civil War in 1949. Great Britain became the United Kingdom in the 1950s. France has not been a real power since Napoleon's defeat when the British celebrated The Great Victory of 1815. After WWII, Germany and France co-operated to create the Common Market and rebuild Europe with the other Western and Northern Europeans. The European Union is run by bureaucrats in Brussels. Germany and Japan are still occupied by the United States almost 70 years after the last Great Victory. The United States (actually, Washington's Empire) hasn't won a war since 1945, but it has killed untold millions with its machinations. The evil empire is run out of Washington, not Moscow (and it always was) but don't worry about it; the United States is sinking fast. The Germans were scapegoated before WW I and finished off with WWII, but the big loser of the Wars of the Twentieth Century was The British Empire — completing the American War of Independence. That is what the 20th century was all about. The rest is American bullshit. Hitler ("the most evil man in history") was just a pawn in their game. But now the jig is up! Economic power has shifted away from the United States. The dollar has been debased by the Fed. Another Great Depression looms for Americans. The rest of the world, not just China, is rising. What will happen? Will the banksters get their comeuppance? Nobody knows. We'll have to wait to find out! Will we survive? Probably.

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