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A.W. Evans

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by Morley Evans

Wolseley News Golden Jubilee Edition May 5, 1955

Sketches of Pioneers

A.W. Evans

a veteran of the Boer War, came from London, England in 1902. In
1905 Mr. Evans and Bert Biggs homesteaded the land now farmed by
H. Guidry, in the Glenavon district. In 1907 A.W. Evans sold his
quarter to Bert Biggs, who came out to Canada with him from the old
land. In 1907 Mr. Evans started his first business in Glenavon,
buying out the Larson Bros and Olson I.H.C business, where the
present bank is situated. In 1907 he started a hardware store on
the south side of the track in the McGinn sub-division. In 1909 he
built a hardware store on Main street and later a machine shop west
of the hotel on his present business location. In 1917 Mr. Evans
sold his hardware store on Main street to Mr. Fred Blake, who
operated a restaurant. In 1912 A.W. Evans and George Smith built
the present John Rydzik store in Candiac as a hardware store. This
store was sold to the late Peter Robutka, of Candiac in 1917.

Mr. Evans holds the unique honor of being one of the oldest
Imperial Oil dealers in Saskatchewan, selling gasoline for Alex
Kindred’s Maxwell and other cars later with a gallon can and a
funnel. The gasoline Jack Hamilton bought for his J.I. Case car was
supplied with the gallon can and funnel at 27 cents a gallon. There
was no gasoline tax and no red, bronze or purple gas in those days,
just plain clear gasoline.

Art Evans is the oldest Ford Dealer in Canada, holding the first
contract to sell Ford cars with Saskatchewan Motors, Regina, in the
Glenavon district. When the Ford Co. of Canada set up their new
distributorship in Regina in 1919, Mr. Evans continued on as a Ford
dealer in Glenavon and still has the dealership.

The first Ford, 1913 model, Art sold, was to Mr. Earl Harris from
Summerberry. The first threshing machine he sold, was a 1910
International Model D Titan and an Aultman Taylor separator sold to
Gideon Smith, seven miles south of Candiac.


Incidents of Interest 

Mr. A.W. Evans became lost one night in 1903 while walking across
the creek to his homestead. Unable to get his bearing; Art dug into a
snowbank, with his blankets he was carrying, and put in the night
under the snow until he was able to get his bearing the next day.


History of the Lions in Saskatchewan
A.W. Evans District Governor 1938 and 1939


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