Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gaddafi at Arab League

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by Morley Evans

This is so very sad. Gaddafi spoke the truth. Everyone laughed at him. Today, Gaddafi is dead after being killed like a dog by "Libyan freedom fighters". Bashar al-Assad's neck is on the block, Saddam was hanged in December 2006 after a show trial. Once-prosperous Iraq is in ruins and is a slaughterhouse where no one is safe. Once-prosperous Libya is in ruins and is a slaughterhouse where no one is safe. Egypt is back in the hands of the CIA which runs everything from behind the throne. Nasser was ruined by the Six Day War which was engineered for Israel by LBJ in 1967. Nasser died along with his dream of pan-Arab unity. Nasser and Gaddafi were similar. Both came to power after British puppet kings were driven from office by the American CIA so American puppets could be installed. The oil is back in the hands of the oil giants. The United States gets all of its imported oil from Canada, Mexico and Venezuela and always did. None of this has anything to do with American energy security. All of it has to do with the American empire that dominates the world. Note: Abu-Ammar was Yasser Arafat. Gaddafi spoke for Arabs. They laughed but they knew he spoke truth.

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Middle Child said...

I couldn't believe the hatred that was whipped up around Gaddafi and was sickened when a very good friend said after he was butchered - that she was glad he died that way because of what he did - when I asked her what did she actually know he did she got really angry and just walked off...I am pleased to see that people such as you feel the way I do about these events - I had a friend from Libya years ago and he said that although things were far from perfect they were much much better than in just about every other Middle Eastern country and that education and home ownership was really high

Morley Evans said...

People from the Right and from the Left who know more than our propaganda tells us agree that both Iraq and Libya were decent places. A correspondent today said, " Societies with feudal, tribal, clannish, and sectarian loyalties that have low literacy rates are easy to manipulate." I replied, "You mean backward people like Canadians, Australians and Americans?"