Monday, May 20, 2013


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by Morley Evans

Hi Brandy,

It makes me mad too.

Your father's doctors need a kick in the ass, before they are stripped of everything they have and everything they ever will have.

Lipitor® is Pfizer's trade name for atorvastatin. Statin drugs are the cause of numerous serious "side effects" most to which the drug companies admit when they get approval from the FDA. The current medical regulatory system was, by the way, created by the pharmaceutical companies and the AMA.

All Statin Drugs are mycotoxins and are not different from Mevacor® and Zocor® the first Statin Drugs brought to the market by Merck. All Statin Drugs that followed lovastatin (Mevacor®) have been "me-too" drugs that were created to get around the patent system and allow various drug companies to cash in on the bonanza Merck created in the late 1970s. When lovastatin's patent expired, Merck created simvastatin (Zocor®) which became the most profitable pharmaceutical drug in history. Pfizer made a deal with Warner-Lambert to acquire atorvastatin (Lipitor®) which surpassed Zocor® in popularity with doctors and became the number one drug on the pharmaceutical hit parade. Crestor® from Astra Zeneca is now among the most popular. Crestor® has been introduced to India with its one billion potential new drug-addict customers. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick says there are 29,000,000,000 reasons per year to keep this hoax going. Health is not one of those reasons.

Pfizer's patent has expired and with that Pfizer's exclusive license to print money. We are now seeing generic knock-offs of Lipitor® on the market. All Statin Drugs are all the same thing. Do you mean your father was diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy? Lipitor causes the long list of problems Pfizer itemizes in its drug hand outs and physician monographs. The Lipitor® monographs look less alarming than the Zocor monographs due to more creative editing — not because the drugs are different. They are the same thing. Unfortunately doctors can get through university and medical schools without learning to read. Isn't that amazing? I think it is amazing, myself. 

Illiteracy among doctors is common in Canada, where I live, and in the United States, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and in the United Kingdom. Illiteracy among doctors may be common too in countries where I have no data on this problem. The alternatives to being unable to read are criminal neglect and stupidity. Otherwise, doctors would be aware of the "side effects" of the drugs they prescribe and they would discontinue them immediately after a patient or his family report them. OR THEY WOULD NEVER PRESCRIBE THESE POISONS AT ALL.

I will be 66 years old in two months. In June 2000, I was in a coma. I weighed 115 pounds when I was discharged from hospital after brain surgery to relieve a subdural hematoma. Today, I lift weights three times a week and weigh 160 pounds. I keep getting stronger week after week, month after month! I am healthier than I ever was in my previous life. I don't expect to die anytime soon. I may live another sixty years. By contrast, your father's doctors say your father is 61 and is ready to lose his mind and die. (With their help.) You should just get over it, they say. You need to just get over them. They are idiots. They should be in prison where they can't harm any more people.

What can you do to help your father? Your father is suffering from damage to his central nervous system as well as a host of other things caused by the Statin Drugs your father has been taking since 2003. He will not get better a few weeks after discontinuing the Statin he is taking. My doctor prescribed Zocor® in January 1992. He kept me taking Statin Drugs until 2000 when I went into a coma after eight years of Hell. He destroyed my life. Then, it took me twelve years to get better with considerable effort.

If you haven't already read my Web Page, I recommend you do. Read this too:

My blood pressure today — May 20, 2013 at 4:00 PM — was 100/ 63 with a pulse of 66 — the same as it was last year. That is the optimal blood pressure of an athlete and a healthy teenager! My blood pressure was always excellent even when my idiot doctors were feeding me Zocor® and Lipitor® to prevent CHD caused by my clogged arteries. My cholesterol was 350 mg/dl = 9.051 mmol/l the last time I looked. I could get very angry about what they did to me for no reason whatsoever. Why bother? They will pay.

I can refer you to Dr. Duane Graveline, MD MPH, at Dr. Graveline is a medical doctor, a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force and an astronaut. He is an expert on Lipitor and what it does. He was a victim himself.

I suggest your father forget about cholesterol. HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA IS AN IMAGINARY DISEASE CREATED BY THE PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG INDUSTRY. Your father should forget about his doctors and everything they have ever told him. He should go on a healthy diet and get some exercise starting with something mild. A healthy diet should be mostly fruits and vegetables. Cut out all sugar and sweeteners. Avoid vegetable oils like the plague (except olive oil). Cut down drastically on "carbs" — starchy foods: bread is not the staff of life. He should cultivate a healthy gut with good probiotics. I recommend Juice PLUS+ to "get your health snowball rolling in the right direction." Juice PLUS+ fortifies the 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables everyone (including you) should be eating every day. It is a simple and affordable way to begin rebuilding one's health. Eat saturated fats. Eat real food. "The Golden Arches begin the path that leads to the Pearly Gates," according to Dr. Michael Hardy. Avoid "processed" food. Drink high-quality filtered water. Pray.

Did I mention your father needs to get rid of pharmaceutical doctors and the drugs they peddle? The docs probably have him on lots of drugs besides Statins. Do your research and discontinue them with caution, but get rid of them all. You and your father can't sue the doctors who did this to him, but he can avoid them and live a long heathy life.

Stay in touch!

- Morley 

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