Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Atmospheric CO2

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by Morley Evans

The scientific record shows that increases in global air temperature occurs 800 years or more before increases in the atmospheric CO2 content. That is because warmer air benefits plant growth and plants produce CO2 (which also benefits plant growth). Climate alarmists, like Al Gore, reverse cause and effect. The proximity of the earth and the sun is — by far — the most important determinant of the temperature of the earth. The Global Warming AKA the Climate Change industry is a creature of big money (mostly governments that pander to pressure groups that live on government money) — Againthe reverse of what the Warming alarmists say is true.

The scientific record also shows that CO2 and Methane in the atmosphere are MUCH higher than they have ever been as is claimed, yet the earth is NOT warmer than it has ever been in the previous interglacial warm periods. In fact it is colder. That, alone, destroys the entire anthropogenic global warming hypothesis and exposes it as a complete fraud. Its supporters find ad homonym attacks sufficient. They are bigots, dupes, Luddites, and idiots. They are causing great harm to everyone while they help a cabal — including proven fraudsters Al Gore and Maurice Strong — to pocket boodle while taking scarce resources away from solving real problems, like poverty and environmental destruction.

By-the-way, what happened to the great hydrofluorocarbon scare a few years ago? Was the ozone layer destroyed by refrigerants and underarm deoderants? Did we get fried by ultraviolet radiation?

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