Wednesday, August 6, 2014


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by Morley Evans

Stephen Harper

With regards to Harper who "will defend Israel whatever the cost," he was groomed and is managed by the same people who control the United States today — AIPAC and its affiliates in the Zionist Falange:

At no time has Stephen Harper asked Canadian voters to endorse the Zionist State and blindly support whatever it does. Harper has never revealed if he believes a heretical eschatology which dooms the planet and everyone on it. Harper became and remains the Prime Minister of Canada under false pretenses. It can be argued, of course, that people must follow the leader, however he became the leader or whatever he tells them to do. That is the principle upon which duhmockricy is based. That is how Hitler got started. Hitler (the man everyone loves to hate) was elected with the largest minority in the Weimar republic general election of 1932. 

Harper is a "fundamentalist" Christian. By inference, we know what Harper believes from what he says and from what he does. What do you believe? You will know them by their fruit.

Eighty-five percent of Israelis want Gaza and the West Bank destroyed. These bloodthirsty Israelis support ethnic cleansing and genocide. Gas chambers are next for the Palestinians who are just a nuisance for Zionists — enemies are essential to their ideology. Israelis and their supporters think they are entitled to act like Hitler. They think they are the Master Race, God's Chosen People. They think the Bible is their authority. Their lickspittle Harper agrees with them. I do not. Do you?

Wake UP! Think!

HOW MUCH has the Zionist Falange paid Stephen Harper to endorse the Zionist State and its crimes? Was becoming Prime Minister of Canada reward enough? Unlikely. The RCMP must audit Stephen Harper. Where are his secret bank accounts? The World Court must charge Harper with aiding and abetting war crimes in Gaza and elsewhere. Canadians must hand Harper his head with the next election. Down with Harper's Conservative Party of Canada. The sooner the better. 

World War III is coming soon if you sit around and let Harper and his friends go about their business. If the final holocaust comes, you'll be joining the Palestinians. You'll be saying goodbye to everything and everyone you love through blast, fire, thirst, starvation and radiation poisoning if you live that long.

Wake UP!


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