Sunday, August 17, 2014


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by Morley Evans

Dear Riaz,

"It is one thing to criticize the actions of the Israeli government, and another to propagate anti-Jewish polemics."

Well said, my friend. Yet, from what I have read in the emails I have been receiving, Arab writers go out of their way to absolve Jews — especially the "Arab" Jews — and Judaism itself of blame since they recognize that Islam shares a common root with Jews and Christians. What are we to make of the Zionists who are atheists? In what way do the victims of the disciples of Satan (who invade one's land, steal, murder, and desecrate the Holy places) share responsibility with their killers? Jesus taught his followers to forgive and love their enemies. I have trouble with this doctrine, myself. One way I reconcile this is "pounding one's swords into plowshares" and selling high quality ploughshares at low low prices with first-class customer service. That is what is happening today.

We are seeing the greatest transfer of wealth in history right now. The meek shall inherit the earth. The mighty are being brought to their knees by lowly-paid people in the garment trade as well as by those who plant and harvest food and even by those who make the computers everyone is using. Mind control, guns and bombs, trade barriers and gangster diplomacy are powerless against the global tides of economics. But the Empire is determined fight to your last breath.

The writing is on the wall for Washington's dollar empire. The Beasts of the Beltway can read it well. They know the dollar is worthless. When others realize it and dump the dollar, Washington's goose will be cooked. Though the dollar's demise can be traced back to the collapse of the Breton Woods System in 1971, Bernanke made this inevitable and imminent when he started printing trillions of dollars. (Bernanke claimed to be an expert on the Great Depression. Had Bernanke not studied the Weimar republic?) Will the Beasts be able to plunge the world into war to try to save themselves or will their power evaporate before we are all incinerated? A race to doomsday or to world peace, harmony, justice, goodwill, and prosperity, is on. Who will win? The lying media is rooting for war and death.

Anti-Semitism is the lifeblood of Zionism. Zionists create anti-Semitism to create a need for the defense they claim to provide inside fortress Israel — which is the only safe place on earth for Jews, according to the Zionists. What malarky! How did they get away with this for so long? The Lavon Affair is only one example of how the Zionists created anti-Semitism throughout the Middle East after 1945. Jews everywhere were "encouraged" to leave their ancestral homes and "return" to "Israel" the newly created state carved out of Palestine in 1948 by war. Ironically, the Jews in Iran stayed put in a country where they are safe today and where they have been safe for centuries. We should not take Zionists seriously. They are NUTS! So are the megalomaniacs in Washington. They are NUTS! They are drooling imbeciles! Do not negotiate with the criminally insane. Do not get sucked in to play their game. They do not want a peaceful world. Their game is war. They are NUTS!

- Morley 

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