Monday, August 18, 2014


© MMXIV V.1.0.0
by Morley Evans

The police state is here. The FBI, NSA and other agencies spy on everyone. The Internet that you find beneficial, benefits the State too. The Internet was invented by the U.S. Military. If they want to, they read your eMail, tap your phone, open your mail. Always armed and dangerous, American police departments have been further militarized since 9/11. Murder committed by cops is fairly common. Canadian police departments are not far behind. Although Canadians like to think Canada is a civilized country, cops murder people in Canada too. Wake up. A militarized police force poses a danger to everyone. The school bully you remember in elementary school graduated to become a cop. Now he has a badge and gun and a nice salary with a pension. Now he works for the State. Now he works for the Police State. The policeman is not your friend. This is not Mayberry and you are not safe. You can expect things to get worse. Wake UP!

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