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by Morley Evans

I wrote this for my girlfriend, Julia, in Luhansk. She is a medical student at the Lugansk State Medical University. Julia had written that the side effects listed for Lumigan® are dilated pupils, darkened irises and longer eyelashes. You may find my reply to her letter interesting.

Darling Julia,

The diameter of the human iris is between 10.2 and 13 mm. The diameter of the human pupil ranges from 2 to 4 mm in bright light and 4 to 8 mm in darkness. The round black disks that covered my eyes were approximately 45 mm (2 inches) in diameter. They were black. They were round. They had fuzzy edges. I saw them the first morning after putting one drop of Lumigan® in each eye at bedtime as directed. The disks gradually went away when I stopped putting Lumigan® in my eyes. Since I discontinued Lumigan® several times during the 14 days between the day Lumigan® was prescribed by Dr. Eidsness and the examination he scheduled that was five days before Christmas 2013, I can unequivocally state that Lumigan® caused this bizarre optical effect. These apparitions were not darkening irises or dilated pupils. No doctor I've seen has ever heard of anything like this which raises the question: Was I given adulterated Lumigan® in a Lumigan® bottle?

What was it, Dr. Eidsness?

The ophthalmological industry has one valid theory regarding glaucoma, which is a multifactorial disease with many causes. Ophthalmologists know that aqueous fluid is constantly produced within the eye. When that fluid cannot get out, pressure builds up. Over time that pressure damages the optic disc which is inside the eye. Closed angle glaucoma becomes a medical emergency when pressure rises to alarming levels. Pharmaceutical drops are prescribed to lower intraocular pressure. Surgery is performed to open pathways to discharge aqueous fluid. Primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) is much more common than closed angle glaucoma.

POAG affects about 1% of Americans so it is not very common either. In POAG, intraocular pressure is treated with drops and with surgery that may be required to open up the meshwork in the drainage canal in the corner of each eye. So-called normal tension glaucoma — which I have — defies this theory since there is no pressure to damage the optic disc. And as far as POAG is concerned, in the absence of any physical obstruction there is no explanation for rising intraocular pressure. There is general consensus that glaucoma is a slowly developing condition. It may take decades before a patient begins to notice he is losing his peripheral vision. 

My macula were in good condition and so were my optic discs according to Dr. Giocoli, Dr. Bakouris and Dr. Eidsness. Dr. Garcia repaired a retinal tear in my right eye a few years ago. Before I put Lumigan® in my eyes, they all said I had "mild cataracts" that would not require attention for years. Dr. Giocoli said my eyes hadn't changed much since high school. I was still sometimes wearing the same glasses I got a few years after high school when I first saw her eight years ago! When I put Lumigan® in my eyes I was wearing the glasses that had been prescribed less than a year before. I got them from Dr. Gaucher's clinic with a prescription from Dr. Bakouris. I could see like an eagle with my new glasses. I took my glasses off to read, as I had been doing since I was five years old. I had super close-range vision. My left eye is now 3x more near-sighted than my right eye. All the doctors' reports are available upon request.

My glaucoma has been revealed by several different field tests. Tomography has illustrated that the optic nerve in each eye has been damaged. Intraocular pressure cannot damage the optic nerve which connects the eye to the brain. How would it do that? The eyes are part of the central nervous system. Neuropathy affects the optic nerves as it affects the other nerves in the body. 

According to Dr. Patel, the ophthalmologist I saw at the Mao Clinic, NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO TREAT LOW TENSION GLAUCOMA. That's because they have no idea what is causing the problem. Dr. Patel suggested going to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester where they have been doing research on neuropathy affecting the optic nerves. 

So why did Dr. Eidsness prescribe Lumigan® to lower the pressure in my eyes when the pressure is already low? There is no doubt that Dr. Eidsness screwed up my eyes with Lumigan®, the pharmaceutical drug from Allergan. Dr. Eidsness's treatment plan was to have me put Lumigan® in my eyes every night and to see him again in six months after an examination in two weeks. In January 2014, Dr. Gauche told me I had "cataracts of the fast-growing kind." My cataracts grew fast, all right. They grew in one night!

Dr. Eidsness is running a racket. Any vending machine could do what he does and it would cost a lot less than what it costs the government which pays his bills. If I were a crook I could do what Dr. Eidsness does after about twenty minutes of training: Put on a white lab coat, wear a stethoscope around my neck, talk wise and show patients my computer screen. Dr. Eidsness did not explain anything to me. I was left with the impression that this was becoming a medical emergency and I had to do something immediately. Dr. Eidsness left town the next day. When he returned, Dr. Eidsness did not take my calls. He made himself unavailable. Dr. Eidsness is responsible for the staff who work for him who laughed off the report I gave them the first morning and who told me, "People who don't take their drops go blind." Dr. Eidsness failed to show up at the examination he had scheduled after he had prescribed Lumigan®. Did he know something bad would happen?

I stopped taking Lumigan® and seeing Dr. Eidsness because I've been through this before. I have a Ph.D. in medical abuse here in Regina. With 68 years of direct medical experience in Regina, I outrank any doctor who relies on an argument from authority. 

My own diagnoses is that Zocor® and Lipitor® damaged my optic nerves. Those drugs caused neuropathy throughout my body why not my optic nerves? My Statin Drugs condition lasted for almost 20 years. There are clinical studies that support the hypothesis that Statin Drugs damage nerves. Lumigan® caused my cataracts and other damage in one night after "one drop in each eye." There is no other possible conclusion. It wasn't moonbeams or death-rays from outer space. It was Eidsness and Lumigan® and the corrupt system that allows bad doctors to practice medicine in Saskatchewan. I say: "Off with their heads!"

I will go to Calgary or Edmonton for intraocular lens transplantation surgery. I may be able to escape the system here and the criminals who run it.

Show this to your professors, Julia, and see what they think. I am typing this with my face 6" from the screen. I am not happy.

On a happy note however: I love, love, love, your new picture, Julia! Thank you!!

- Morley


Julia is becoming a doctor because she wants to help people. Money is not important to Julia who says doctors in the Ukraine work long hours for low pay — the opposite of Regina which is the heart of Tommy Douglas Land where doctors jubilantly sing, "We're only in it for the money!" Julia is an optimistic and compassionate young lady. She will be a fine doctor because Julia is a fine human being. I am proud to know Julia and I love her! And Julia loves me, I'm happy to say!! 

I want to see her! I hope I don't go blind!

These are the eye doctors I've visited since April 2007 when I decided to have my glasses updated by Carmela Giocoli, my friend from Kiwanis. I thought I could trust her. I would have been better off had I picked up some glasses off the rack at Walmart for $49.

Dr. Giocoli (Regina)
Dr. Bakouris (Regina)
Dr. Garcia (Regina)
Dr. Eidsness (Regina)
Dr. Gaucher (Regina)
Dr. Patel (Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona)
Dr. Robertson (Regina)
Dr. Mervitz (Regina)


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