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by Morley Evans

The Unknown War hosted and narrated by Burt Lancaster. It was suppressed during the Cold War and the Soviet contribution in the Second World War is unknown — to us! It is not unknown to the Russians, of course. Just the other day, they commemorated the Soviet paratroops who fought the Nazis. My friends Anastasia in Sevastopol and Mariya in Vyshneve told me all about the celebration.

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The Soviet Union and the Republic of China paid the price in death and destruction for WWII — more than Germany and Japan which were bombed into the Stone Age. Wikipedia has some excellent articles.


Americans cannot claim to have saved the world in either WW I or WW II. Nor can we. They can claim to have collected all the marbles both times after the game. Cui Bono?

The British defeated the Germans in North Africa. They did it twice! Claude Auchinleck defeated Rommel at el Alamein. Then Bernard Montgomery defeated Rommel a second time at el Alamein. After the war, Churchill admitted he had made a mistake when he relieved The Awk who was sent to India.

The British never lost control of the Mediterranean. The Royal Navy destroyed the French Navy and the Italian Navy in operations that foreshadowed Pearl Harbor. Gibraltar and Malta resisted countless onslaughts. The American contribution was zero.

The Red Army and the Red Air Force whipped the Germans on the eastern front. They could have easily gone to the English Channel if the Americans and British had not blocked them. Stalin moved Soviet factories into Siberia where they were safe from the Germans. The best tank in WW II was the T-34. It was deadly, yet simple, cheap, and easy to mass-produce and repair in the field.

The (American) Office of Naval Intelligence cracked all the Japanese military codes months before Pearl Harbor which explains why the Japanese didn’t win even one naval battle after Pearl Harbor (which was a trap that had been set for Japan). The Japanese and Italian navies were the most modern and best equipped in the world in 1939. Japan had not lost a war in 300 years. Washington failed to warn the American commanders at Pearl Harbor and the British in Hong Kong — leaving them wide open to Japanese attack. General Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines was also ignored by Washington. Allies and Americans were collateral damage sacrificed to Grand Strategy. FDR, The Great Manipulator, famously said "Nothing in politics is an accident."


Germany had an excellent air defence system. Japan was defenseless. The psychopathic war criminal Curtis LeMay (who created the Strategic Air Command after the war) firebombed flat almost every Japanese city before the Americans dropped the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those cities had not been bombed before so their destruction would be impressive. Stalin wasn't impressed as Stalin was a psychopathic war criminal himself. War is not noble. Despite heroism, war is the enterprise of psychopaths and moral degenerates.

As revealed by Mikhail Gorbachev who opened the ultra secret Soviet archive, the Katyn Wood Massacre was committed by the Soviet NKVD operating under Joseph Stalin, exactly as Joseph Gobbles had announced after the mass grave was discovered by the advancing Nazi armies which overran Poland. Not everything the Nazis said was untrue. Not everything the Allies have said is true either. An examination of World War I and it's aftermath reveals many of the reasons behind what the Nazis did in World War II. Like it or not.

The US Navy deliberately ignored German U-boat attacks on shipping until one evening a ship blew up off the coast of a Florida beach and American newspapers started screaming. Admiral King and FDR then moved to do something about U-boats. They had been ignoring British intelligence derived from Enigma traffic which told them where the U-boats were located. Churchill, himself, had been sending this information directly to FDR! “The Germans are here and here. Drop bombs on them!” Nothing would happen. After the war, Admiral KIng was rewarded with honours by the Royal Navy!

With the British Empire destroyed, the United States became the "Leader of the Free World." The destruction of the British Empire was the main result of World Wars I and II. WAS IT THE MAIN PURPOSE of those wars? By 1945, Washington had finished the job Washington had started in 1776!

My Uncle Fred told me that he worked in the huge central parts depot of the British Army. It supplied parts for everything that moved. During the Battle of Britain he and other soldiers there watched German planes fly over them on their way to bomb London. They wondered why the Germans didn't drop their bombs on them.  That would have seriously damaged the British Army. He asked: Are Germans that dumb?

Why did Hitler allow the British Army to be evacuated at Dunkirk? It easily could have been destroyed. The Dieppe Raid was a fiasco. What was that about? Who won WW II? Germany and Japan have done well as American vassals. Great Britain became the United Kingdom. It's industries are owned by Germans.

Revisionist history debunks official history which is usually nothing more than a pack of lies, omissions and half-truths to make the winners look good. Henry Ford said "History is bunk." Napoleon said, "History is a set of mutually-agreed-upon lies."

The lesson here is this: Organizations have lives of their own which surpass the lives of the people who serve them. History records the activity that was undertaken to serve the goal of destroying the British Empire. Once set in motion the plan was unstoppable. Washington was a man. Washington is an organization, a collection of institutions in and around the city that bears Washington's name and embodies his plan. The puppets come and go but the plan is relentlessly fulfilled even when the puppets are unaware of what they are doing.

The puppet master is unknown and unknowable — it is abstract. The puppets imagine they control their own actions like those of the puppets under their control. They do not. We live in The Matrix, which is a meta-system. "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."


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