Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts

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by Morley Evans

When the Soviet Union evaporated in 1991 and Russia awakened from the nightmare that had begun in 1917, Russians expected to be warmly greeted by the West. After all, Russia was embracing markets, freedom, democracy, justice, international co-operation and peace. 

Instead, Russia was surrounded by wolves and the true intentions of the West were exposed at last. Some operators in Washington have been bent on Russia's destruction since Czarist times. Washington has been patiently building its one-world empire since 1776.

Paul Craig Roberts uniquely understands the most important political-economic conditions in the world today. Here is his prescription for peace and prosperity:

A Prescription for Peace and Prosperity — Paul Craig Roberts

A Prescription for Peace and Prosperity
Paul Craig Roberts
The question is often asked: “What can we do?” Here is a prescription for peace and prosperity.
We will begin with prosperity, because prosperity can contribute to peace. Sometimes governments begin wars in order to distract from unpromising economic prospects, and internal political stability can also be dependent on prosperity.

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