Wednesday, December 16, 2015


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by Morley Evans

When the USSR dissolved — bloodlessly — in 1991, Russia expected to be greeted warmly by the West which is lead by Washington. Instead Russia was surrounded by wolves who began looting Russia. After nine years as Russian leader, Boris Yeltsin nominated Vladimir Putin to replace himself. Putin has turned out to be an able statesman and a competent leader. Nevertheless it has taken Putin a long time to realize that Washington is not Russia's friend (nor is Washington anyone else's friend). On 28 September, 2015, Putin delivered an historic speech to the UN General Assembly. Putin said the current state of affairs in the world is intolerable. Russia immediately started taking decisive action in Syria to fight (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) there.

Washington has been the world hegemon since 1945 when it officially took over that position from the British Empire. Washington anointed itself as the "Leader of the Free World" and it has been waging war ever since to defend the weak and to fight for world peace. "Kill, kill, kill for peace, It will give you a big release!" was an anti-war anthem sung by Country Joe and the Fish during the War in Vietnam. Several hundred million innocent people have been killed by the "Leader of the Free World" since 1945. There has been nothing but war for the past blood-drenched 70 years. Washington — not the Soviet Union nor Red China — has instigated all of it.

Washington represents the Banksters, Wall Street, the military contractors, the 20 American intelligence agencies headed by the CIA, and the Pentagon (Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines.) The United States spends twice as much on the military as everyone else on the planet combined. That doesn't include the CIA which has its own secret armies. ISIS is one of them! The United States of America is and has always been a garrison state. Stalin told the comrades in Greece in 1946 not to challenge Washington because "We don't even have a navy." Washington's main business is war. Business and finance are merely other weapons in Washington's holsters. Yet Washington has managed to convince everyone for over two hundred years that its main business is peace — demonstrating who is the master of mind control. It wasn't Gobbles, Hitler or Stalin. It was Madison Avenue and Hollywood.

Did you know that Americans have invented all of the modern weapons used today? Everything from the rifle to the atom bomb were American inventions.

The foundation of the entire operation is the United States dollar which became the world reserve currency after WW II. Yet the dollar has been slowly declining since the Breton Woods Agreement. A landmark was 1971 when Nixon eliminated convertibility of dollars into gold. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke started running the presses furiously in 2005 to avoid deflation. But his predecessors had been debasing the currency for decades. This policy continues to devalue the dollar today. When enough people abandon the dollar, the entire house of cards will collapse. That cannot be prevented. It is already happening. Collapse may occur sometime next year. No one knows what will happen when it happens. The world is sailing on a completely uncharted ocean. No one knows what will happen or when it will happen. Very likely, though, under the mountains of worthless paper that have been printed, people will find gold.

Russia and China have been buying gold which the Fed has been selling to defend the U.S. dollar. Japan has gold. Germany's gold was being stored for safekeeping in the Federal Reserve vault in Manhattan. The Germans have asked to see their gold. They haven't seen it yet. Germans remember the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic. They remember Hitler too. Fort Knox may be empty. No one knows. The Fed is not accountable to anyone, not even the President. The Bank of Canada has officially stated that it has no gold. They sold it all years ago.

The main job of everyone now is to avoid general war. Fortunately, Putin remembers and understands the lessons of the Cold War. Everyone else — especially Germans — remember. Unfortunately, Washington has forgotten. The neocons who run Washington are dangerous because they are stupid. Fortunes have been built and maintained through war. War always seems like a good idea to warmongers.

Canada is a vassal in Washington's empire along with Great Britain, all of Europe, Australia, and Japan. Everything outside the beltway is a vassal of Washington — including all 50 states which are Washington's continental empire. The Civil War established that.

Russia is being demonized because Washington needs enemies. No one needs "the most powerful military the world has ever known" if there are no enemies. When the Soviet Union evaporated and everyone had started buying everything from China the warmongers were out of business. They don't like that. Why would they? They need war.

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