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by Morley Evans

Trust me, I'm a doctor

Dear Dr. Hardy,

Thank you for your article. 

I have prepared this essay to report my experience with doctors in Regina over the past 68 years. My experience with doctors is limited almost exclusively to Regina, despite having lived in various places around the world. My own experience has been mirrored by others in places as far away as Halifax and Melbourne. It is not unique. The way I have been treated by doctors is the 'standard of care' here and everywhere. I hope you find what I have to say enlightening.

The European Society of Cardiology (London, August 2015) appears to be moving in the right direction. Speakers were recognizing that nutrition is more important than medical intervention, as bad as that will be for the medical business as it is currently established.

Predictably: "The US Preventive Services Task Force found no evidence of benefit from any nutritional supplement." 

Conventional medicine — the power centre of which is Washington, DC (the heart of darkness) — has always maintained that nutrition is unimportant and that supplements only produce expensive urine. Conventional doctors maintain that medical intervention with drugs and surgery is the only effective means of dealing with disease. Doctors promote what doctors sell. Why would they not do that? Of course they do that.

In your article, Dr. Hardy, this is most interesting: "The final bombshell was delivered by Dr Aseem Malhotra who added, 'Following a heart attack, for mortality lowering, a high-fat Mediterranean diet is more effective than aspirin, statins and coronary stents.'” High-fat? What is that? Does Dr. Malhorta mean saturated animal fat? He should.

Cessation of smoking is mentioned as one reason the incidence of cardiovascular disease fell in Denmark.

How dangerous is smoking? Based on my own experience, smoking is far less hazardous to one’s health than doctors and what they do. Am I advocating smoking? No. But I am strongly advising against doctors and their nostrums. Very few doctors know what they are doing. Most doctors are hacks and quacks. They are not scientists. They are no-nothings. After suffering almost 68 years of abuse at the hands of the clowns who practice medicine in Regina, doctors and the systems that protect doctors have become my bêtes noires.

How dangerous is smoking?

I smoked a package of 25 cigarettes a day for almost fifty years. I started when I was 13 years old. I smoked before I was poisoned by Statin Drugs in 1992. I smoked throughout the Statin period that ended in 2000. I smoked after I had recovered by 2012 — proving that smoking had nothing to do with my condition. Smoking had nothing to do with any of my other medical problems either. Today I do not have any of the conditions that supposedly are caused by smoking. I do not have coronary disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, lung cancer, or COPD. In fact there is nothing wrong with me — except my eyes that were screwed up two years ago by Dr. Ryan Eidsness and the Lumigan® he prescribed.

Why not? Why is there nothing wrong with me? I think that is a very interesting question. One would expect doctors and medical researchers would want an answer to that question. They aren’t interested. Why not? (Doctors and pharmacists are suspicious of healthy people. They don't actually believe anyone could be healthy and once someone starts taking a pharmaceutical drug he will get sick. Doctors think healthy people are like unicorns. Doctors have never actually seen one. They are like policemen who spend their days and nights with criminals. Policemen think everyone is a crook.)

Why am I not dead or “under a doctor’s care?” My asthma was cured by Vitamin D in 1973 by Dr. Carl Reich, MD, in Calgary. It only returned when doctors in Regina persuaded me to stop taking Vitamin D because “It is dangerous." When my asthma would return, the nostrums they prescribed didn't work. Happily my asthma would disappear when I resumed Vitamin D. This experiment was done several times. Doctors were not interested in knowing. “Vitamin D? I don’t know what that would do.” No, Dr. Alport, you don’t know much of anything, do you?

The “cholesterol campaign” (so-named by Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD) is still the most important cardiological issue. Statin Drugs are still the most profitable and generally prescribed drugs in history. It is disappointing not to see them addressed at a conference of cardiologists. Medical fads come and go as herds of doctors move from one pasture to the next after having grazed everything to the ground where they were. The maimed, dead and dying are left behind and soon forgotten as everyone focuses on the next big thing in “Life-Saving Medicine.”

What will that be? Who knows?

Tomorrow’s doctors will have general amnesia, like today’s doctors. Tomorrow's doctors will not remember today’s doctors or what they did. Today's doctors will have been relegated to the Dark Ages or simply stuffed down the Memory Hole. 

There are always a few good apples in every barrel of bad apples.

With three exceptions I would have been better off had I never seen a doctor. The first exception was Dr. Cowan, MD, who delivered me when I was born in 1947. He saved my life. I was a breach birth and a twin, with a mother who was eclamptic.  The second exception was Dr. MacKenzie, MD, who gave me an injection of Adrenalin® and saved my life when I was four. I had anaphylaxis. I was in a bad way. Dr. MacKenzie, MD, made a house call at Christmas and stayed to see that I would be all right. My life was changed from then on. The third exception was Dr. Garcia who repaired a retinal tear in my right eye a few years ago. No one caused these medical problems.

All the other doctors who did me good repaired the harm other doctors had done. Dr. Reich, MD, corrected the misdiagnoses and malpractice of twenty-two years in 1973. Dr. Reich, MD, gave me a new life. Dr. Cenaiko, MD, corrected Dr. John N. Alport’s malpractice in 1998. He saved my life. Dr. Buwembo, MD, corrected Dr. Annandale’s malpractice in 2000. Dr. Buwembo, MD, saved my life again. (Dr. Annandale has been convicted of a felony in South Africa, his home, and is a fugitive according to reports.) 

What good doctors have done does not excuse what bad doctors have done. That is a principle of law they don't teach lawyers and judges in Canada. Doctors and their families don't understand this either. Canadian feudalism is well-established. Doctors have created a caste system for themselves in Canada. Indian doctors coming from the subcontinent must feel right at home.

My family doctors were a horror. Throughout my childhood, they prescribed Tedral® for my asthma. They gave me scratch tests for my allergies. "You're allergic to everything," they concluded. They were adamantly opposed to Vitamin D. They reluctantly administered Epinephrine in the ER when I presented with anaphylaxis every Christmas. "We only give that when there is an emergency," they would tell my father after he had told them what I needed. Isn't this an emergency, I wondered as I fought to breath? Even as a child I could tell that doctors don't like to be told anything because they know everything.

In high school, and after, my family doctor was the mad Scotsman Dr. Sean Coneghan, MD. After I dumped him when I returned from Japan in 1970, I went to my brother's favourite doctor Dr. William Edward Harvie (Bill) Alport, MD. Like Dr. Coneghan, MD, Dr. WEH (Bill) Alport, MD, prescribed a drug after every visit and he had me coming back several times a month. They both had me taking lots of drugs. When things didn't work out it was always my fault. "It's all in your head," they would say. They would blame everything for which they had no answer to patient error, genetics, or psychosomaticism. Nothing was their fault because a doctor knows everything.

Dr. WEH (Bill) Alport, MD, had driven Dr. MacKenzie, MD, and Dr. Cranston, MD, out of Regina in the early fifties in a power struggle he found necessary to establish himself as the top doc. They both went to Medicine Hat, Alberta, where they practiced medicine for the rest of their lives. Dr. MacKenzie, MD, was the last good doctor I had until I went to Dr. Reich, MD, in 1973.  I suffered with idiots in Regina for 22 years — my formative years when I was written off as a basket case by my doctors.

I thought I was out of the woods after seeing Dr. Reich, MD. Alas, one is never safe from bad doctors. My next trial began with anaphylaxis on an Air Canada flight in 1976. Dr. WEH (Bill) Alport, MD, was my doctor at the time. It is a long story that I won't tell now but I will say that my pulse was over 200 bpm for 5 hours. That could be a record! You see, during anaphylaxis one thing that happens is one's blood vessels dilate and one's blood pressure drops. One's heart has to beat fast to keep one alive. Anaphylaxis often ends with heart failure. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency. Dr. WEH (Bill) Alport, MD — like the psychiatrist on the plane — thought anaphylaxis is a joke. "It's all in your head," was the diagnosis of the psychiatrist and the medical doctor.

After a horse dumped me on my head in 1978, it took Dr. WEH (Bill) Alport, MD, two years to get me some treatment — after I read the riot act to him one day. Then he had the audacity to interfere with my physiotherapy by telling my therapist, "You don't have to do that. Mr. Evans is a hypochondriac." Graham Beverage, owner of the Regina Physiotherapy Clinic, fired that therapist and took over my case. Two years later I had recovered after treatments three times a week. Mr. Beverage, who was a strapping big Scotsman, somehow died later under mysterious circumstances. Was he murdered?

Dr. WEH (Bill) Alport, MD, succeeded his father, Dr. Edward Bishop Alport, MD, as Regina's leading doctor. Dr. EB Alport, MD was appointed as the Chief Surgeon of Saskatchewan during the Great War (WWI). My father's brother, Horace, died around 1937 because Dr. EB Alport, MD, and the doctor in Glenavon failed to understand that appendicitis is a medical emergency. Dr. EB Alport's son, Dr. WEH (Bill) Alport, MD, trained young doctors in Regina as an adjunct professor of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Later, Dr. John N. Alport, MD, would occupy the same position, according to his curriculum vitae. That could explain the many low quality doctors I have encountered in Regina over the years.

The worst doctor I suffered with, of course, was Dr. WEH (Bill) Alport's son Dr. John N. Alport, MD, who managed to send me to Statin Hell and take another 20 years out of my life. Dr. John N Alport, MD is highly qualified to practice medicine: his grandfather was a doctor as was his father, mother, and uncles. His brother is a doctor. Dr. John N. Alport, MD, graduated from the University of Saskatchewan School of Medicine as well as from the University of Michigan School of Medicine, Flint. 

We mustn't overlook Dr. Edward Alport, MD, another son of Dr. WEH (Bill) Alport, MD. Dr. Ted runs the Canadian Blood Services in Regina (formerly the Red Cross). He survived the scandal which identified his operation as the source of tainted blood in Canada. That happened twice, once with HIV and Hepatitis C and again with West Nile Virus. Dr. Edward Alport, MD, is a Director of the Regina-Qu'Appelle Health Region which runs medicine here. He may be the highest-paid doctor in Saskatchewan. As an administrator, Dr. Edward Alport, MD, a pathologist, treats no patients.

I can thank Dr. Crook, MD, the surgeon who chiseled blockage out of my nose after I returned from Japan in 1970. I could breath properly for the first time since I was four years old! Years later when I had a cold, Dr. John N. Alport, MD, recommended nose spray. When I questioned him about the "rebound effect" of nose spray, Dr. John N. Alport, MD, told me not to worry about it, after making a disparaging remark about Dr. Crook. After many months of blocked nasal passages caused by Dr. John N. Alport, MD, and countless bottles of nose spray, my nose cleared again when I discontinued nose spray. 

I can also thank Dr. Onochie Clifford Arinze Aghaegbuna, MD, (from Nigeria, Howard University, and the Mao Clinic) who listened to me about Statin Drugs and prescribed Carnitor@ when I asked him for it. With Carnitor® and Alpha Lipoic Acid, I recovered from Statin Hell. I can say I am a better doctor than any of them. I discovered what to do by the Grace of God with no help from any doctor.

In 2008, as I was recovering from Statins, I began to have trouble with my prostate. I went to Dr. Mohammad Tasneem, MD, to see what could be done. I was up to pee five times a night. I stayed close to a toilet all day. "Before we start, I want you to know that we don't have a very good record treating this condition," Dr. Tasneem, MD, warned me. He requisitioned a urine test. When that indicated blood in my urine, Dr. Tasneem, MD, prescribed an antibiotic. The next day, my problem was gone. "That was easy," I told myself. Alas it would not be so easy. In a few days I was running to the toilet again. Dr. Tasneem, MD, tried another antibiotic. I had the same experience over and over for months. Dr. Tasneem, MD, told me I needed to drink more water. He suggested 8 glasses a day. I had been drinking less to avoid trips to the bathroom. 

One morning, I couldn't pee at all. Not a drop. Hours went by and my bladder filled. I thought I would explode. At the ER they fitted me with a catheter and a bag after they managed to get through my prostate which was in spasm. Over the nine or ten months I suffered with prostatitis, I was catheterized twice and put on four or five different antibiotics. Finally, I bought Bell's Ezee Flow Tea at the health food store. With the first glass of tea my problem disappeared and never returned. I drank tea twice a day for years afraid my prostatitis would return. It never did. Doctors to whom I mentioned my experience were not interested. Dr. Tasneem, MD, went home to Pakistan. I never saw him again. Doctor's didn't cause my prostate problem — nor did they cure it. Urology is one of the most lucrative medical specialties. The Bell's Ezee Flow tea package says their reports to medical doctors have been ignored for years.

Dr. Mohammad Tasneem, MD, told me that he had practiced medicine in Pakistan, South Africa, and England before coming to Regina. "Everywhere else I've practiced medicine," he told me, "doctors are motivated by compassion. Here, they are mostly interested in money. They are obsessed with being sued for malpractice." This is curious because no doctor has been successfully sued for malpractice in Canada for a century thanks to the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) and the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Those professional organizations are interested in the welfare of doctors not patients. Patients are an income opportunity like cats, dogs, budgies, and cattle.

Those are the highlights of my indictment of doctors in Regina. I have endured and survived what they have done. There is more. It is documented. I haven't included dentists. That's another story. There must be a God who is looking after me or they would have killed me long ago.

I have been to everyone in authority in Regina, in Saskatchewan and in Canada. I have been to the FDA, Health Canada, the Saskatchewan Department of Health, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan, the Canadian Medical Association, the Law Society of Saskatchewan, The Canadian Bar Association and the Canadian news networks. I no longer expect justice in this place, or even competent organizational housekeeping. There is nothing. Regina is beyond redemption. Canada is beyond redemption. It is what it is. While Canada does have some good doctors, I have had some, Canada has the worst medical system in the world. The system got off to a bad start in 1867, a few months after Confederation. It's always been this bad.

May the Wrath of God descend on this place.

With reservations, I have decided to take another chance and have Dr. Raul Garcia, MD, consider doing intraocular lens transplantation (cataract surgery). That should repair what Dr. Ryan Eidsness, MD, did, I hope. I see Dr. Garcia in a few days. Wish me luck, Dr. Hardy!

I have already made medical history by surviving Regina's doctors and what they did to me. My story may get even better. I feel as if I'll live another sixty years. A few people might be interested if I do. Most will continue doing what they are doing: worshipping doctors and "Life-Saving Medicine."

Love to Sati. MERRY CHRISTMAS to both of you!

- Morley


I thank God for JuicePLUS+, Vitamin D, and exercise. Dr. Joseph Mercola, OD, has been helpful. Chiropractic is beneficial. Avoid drugstores and pharmaceutical products. Do not blindly trust anyone. A few medical doctors have saved my life, but most of my medical problems were caused by medical doctors.

Depraved Indifference

Don't whine. Work.


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Sieg Holle said...

Sorry to hear about your bad medical experiences Morely. The adage heal yourself holds true and you are what you eat and do-works for me .