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by Morley Evans

Dear Dr. Hardy,

As promised, I’ve been chewing on my cud. We ruminants need to work hard to digest grass, which is hard to digest. We are always eating and chewing. We are able to grow big and strong. Health-minded people think grass-fed beef and milk are the best foods one can get. They love to eat us! Health-minded people also love fruits and vegetables, of course.

I always learn something from your witty, well researched, intelligent articles. Thank you for them. They should put you first in the newsletter, not last. I have three articles to read:

1). Ageing and Inflammation
2). It’s an Occupational Hazard
3). Avoiding ‘The Forgetting’ (Part III)
4). Avoiding The Forgetting (Parts I and II)


Ageing and Inflammation


The four classical signs of inflammation, heat (calor), pain (dolor), redness (rubor) and swelling (tumor) learned by medical students for centuries were defined in the first century AD by the Roman scholar, Celsus.  Basically inflammation is the response of a tissue to injury, pathogen invasion or irritants and is characterized by increased blood flow causing these four signs.


Dr. Cenaiko treated pain with “prolotherapy” for thirty years (to the displeasure of the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons).  He said that inflammation is an essential part of healing an injury. Pain is required, he thought. Pain seems to tell the body to get busy and start fixing things. Pain killers and anti-inflamatory drugs arrest the healing process, he said. Taking Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs is why people don’t recover 100%. Typically they recover about 75%, he told me. They are permanently injured thanks to pain killers. 

I had been in acute pain for six years (January 1992 to May 1998) when I went to see Dr. Cenaiko in Wakaw. None of my doctors knew what was wrong with me. They still don’t know — because they don't want to know. It took Dr. John N. Alport four years to admit that I was in pain. “ It’s all in your head,” Dr. Alport seemed to think. He acquired his medical attitudes from his father Dr. W.E.H. (Bill) Alport. When another doctor (Dr. Stuart McMillan) diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, Dr. Alport put me on many drugs to help me "manage my condition." I could not move without screaming pain so I avoided moving. I was able to do that. I spent my days lying in a La-z-Boy covered with a blanket and my nights sweating in bed under a sheet that was soaking wet. My hands were painful swollen claws. I would get about three hours sleep a night. Those are only a few of the things that were wrong with me during my years in Statin Hell.  

Oh, I don't want to forget dementia! Before I started Zocor therapy, Dr. John N. Alport assured me there are no side effects, that Zocor prevents Alzheimer's disease and that, "new benefits are being discovered all the time." You can bet they are. "Zocor is the Vitamin that God forgot to make." But Merck figured it out.

Dr. Alport has gone on to pursue his life's work as a professional liar and Good-time Charlie by testifying in court for Saskatchewan Government Insurance as its in-house expert witness on everything and keeping the sick and dying at the Pasqua hospital ER in stitches with his standup routine. Reliving this horror gets me inflamed.

Outrage is another source of inflammation. Stay calm.

Prolotherapy treatment involves injecting micro amounts of sterile glucose into a patient’s ligaments. This initiates inflammation and healing begins. Dr. Cenaiko injected several hundred sites after he had given me a general anesthetic. I still felt every one of those injections. My sister drove me to Wakaw and back to Regina. When I went to bed that night, I was in so much pain I thought I would not wake up in the morning. But I did wake up and life got a tiny bit better every morning from then on. After seven months, I was well enough to return to the gym to resume walking and gentle stretching. Twelve years later I was doing power lifting at the gym. That’s what I’m doing today. I may live another sixty years.

Dr. Cenaiko told me I would have to endure my suffering. He said anti-inflamatory drugs would only stop my body from healing itself. He also looked at the list of drugs I was taking that had been prescribed by Dr. Alport (which didn’t include Zocor) and said he didn’t think I needed to be taking them. That may have been the most important thing Dr. Cenaiko told me. I stopped taking all of the meds that night, including Zocor. I had no idea what was wrong with me, but I was slowly to get better I would learn in a few days.

My most recent experience with pain was a severe sprain from an accident at the gym. My left wrist was injured. The physiotherapist wouldn’t touch my wrist unless I had an x-ray showing it wasn’t broken. That required a referral. The doctor I saw referred me to an x-ray clinic and told me I should take Ibuprofen three times a day. He didn’t know about the 2015 FDA warning on Ibuprofen, of course. But I knew all about it:
I ignored this doc’s advise and remembering Dr. Cenaiko I took nothing. The x-ray showed nothing was broken.  I had a severe sprain, as I expected. I could wiggle my fingers.

My wrist was immobile. I could not move it. Swelling works like a cast holding everything in place and preventing further damage. The physiotherapist administered ultrasound and recommended icing 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off, three times, twice a day. When I had healed sufficiently after a week, she recommended exercises with a 5 pound weight. "Stop if anything hurts," she said. After about 3 weeks, I started alternating heat and ice. My wrist was as good as new within a month.

During my years of torture, I found scalding hot baths (40°C) three times a day were analgesic. Hot soaks worked but they didn’t solve the problem which was being caused by Zocor® and later by Lipitor®. Years after I had stopped taking Statins, my pain had not gone away. I finally discovered Alpha Lipoic Acid and Carnitor®. That is why I got better. There is no doubt about it. I started JuicePLUS+ later. Then, I stopped taking ALA and Carnitor® to see what would happen. Nothing happened. I conclude that JuicePLUS was filling in for ALA and Carnitor®. Today I am taking Juvenon® whose main ingredients are ALA and L-carnitine. I just started taking Dr. Sears Ultra Accel with PQQ®. I take some other supplements too, especially Vitamin D3.

I know something about inflammation and what to do about it. The way I feel may be merely an illusion — I was dead now I'm reborn. But I do have ten beautiful Ukrainian and Russian girlfriends. They all want to marry me! They would be happy to live in my harem. Each one wants to be the head wife, of course. I’m not making this up. Who else can say anything like that? I am 68 years old. My oldest girls are 25. They know about Suleiman the Magnificent and Roxelana his principal wife. She was a Ukrainian, like them. They are not the same as women here.

Who would believe my story? Perhaps I’ll write science fiction to support my family. After the movie is made, I could buy an apartment building in Monaco so we could have a place where we could live together. Each wife could have her own apartment. We would dine together every night as a family.

My story is completely documented and waits to be tried in an honest court when I find one. I doubt if an honest court exists in Saskatchewan, or Canada where they love Conrad Black and other scoundrels.

Alas, so many women, so little time: I resolve to love them all while I'm faithful to one. These are words to live by. I plan to live a long time.

- Morley


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